Maryland Department of Agriculture Update on Swine Influenza

September 23, 2017

The Maryland State Veterinarian Dr. Michael Radebaugh yesterday inspected the pigs under quarantine at the Charles County Fairgrounds as a result of an Influenza A (H3N2 subtype) detection in swine exhibited there.

“Upon further epidemiological investigation and ongoing trace backs to previous fairs and shows, the Maryland Department of Agriculture believes the swine influenza outbreak is contained. We have not seen any other evidence of swine influenza anywhere else in the state,” said Dr. Radebaugh.

On September 19, the Secretary of Agriculture quarantined all 107 pigs in the swine exhibition. Within 18 hours of the quarantine order, 47 of the pigs were sent to market. The 60 remaining pigs now appear to be healthy, have a good appetite and are not showing any clinical signs of swine influenza. If the pigs continue to show noticeable improvement, the Department of Agriculture expects to do a final inspection and release the hold order by the end of next week at which time the remaining pigs will be able to leave the barn.

In accordance with the Secretary’s Hold Order, all swine exhibitions and any other activities involving swine will remain closed at the St. Mary’s and Calvert county fairs. All other movement or activities involving swine, including slaughter and butchering can proceed as usual.

Influenza viruses do not affect the safety of properly cooked pork. As with any raw meat, pork should always be properly handled and cooked to eliminate a range of food safety concerns.