St. Mary’s County Produces Public Service Announcement in Continuing Campaign Against Opioid Use and Abuse

September 26, 2017

In an effort to educate citizens about the dangers of opioid use and abuse, St. Mary’s County Government is partnering with other county and community organizations to distribute a specially produced video public service announcement.

The one-minute video features Sheriff Tim Cameron, State’s Attorney Richard Fritz, and Health Officer Dr. Meena Brewster emphasizing the county’s commitment to crack down on the illegal use of opioids. Information on how to access available resources for substance abuse treatment is provided. The county is partnering with St. Mary’s County Public Schools to have its nearly 18,000 students view the video. The PSA will also be shown at the county’s two movie theaters for 13 weeks beginning October 20. It’s projected the video will receive in excess of 800 views weekly at the movie theaters.

“It is important that we raise awareness of just how deadly these drugs are in our community,” said Bob Kelly, St. Mary’s County Director of Emergency Services and Technology.

County leaders say the production and distribution of the video serves as another tool in fighting an extremely complex crisis which requires a concerted effort of local and State resources. The campaign comes on the heels of Governor Larry Hogan’s emergency declaration on March 1 which mobilized State and local assets in addressing the growing opioid threat. The video includes a clip from the Governor’s August 9 news conference in Leonardtown where he applauded the county’s efforts in making a dent in the crisis.

“Opioid use and abuse is public enemy number one and I’m proud of how our county has worked to crack down on the epidemic,” said Commissioner Randy Guy. “Knowing where and how to seek help is key to getting a handle on the situation.”

This video can be viewed at as well as on a number of channels on Metrocast Cable, the county’s main cable television provider. The video will also be available for viewing on the county’s Facebook page, Twitter feed and YouTube channel. The St. Mary’s County Public Information Office conceived and produced the informational video.