Beware of FAKE NEWS – Saint Mary’s Landing Restaurant is NOT Closing

September 29, 2017

A “fake news” article is spreading like wild fire across Facebook, the headline reads, Saint Mary’s Landing Restaurant To Close! 

The “news page” the article is on is hosted on is a website who’s sole purpose is to “prank or trick” your friends by putting up fake news articles.

The article states:

The family run bussiness said that the restaurant need lots of repair and updates and the bussiness isn’t what it use to be and we aren’t getting any younger and health declining. We will be closing our doors for good October 2017. Come by for a farewell. We can tell you it will be a new chain restaurant coming here by the fall of 2018.

Again, St. Mary’s Landing is NOT closing.

The Billy Hill Facebook page, posted “The article floating around about St. Mary’s Landing closing is completely false.”

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