Maryland State Police Arrests, Civil Citations and DUI Report for Leonardtown 11/3/2017

November 3, 2017

Maryland State Police from the Leonardtown Barrack are investigating the following incidents:

CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute: On October 4, 2017 at approximately 4:30 p.m. TFC J. Mulhearn responded to Exquisite Court, Lexington Park, for a warrant service.  While attempting to make contact with the subject listed on the warrant, he detected the odor of marijuana emitting from the residence. When he approached the front door of the residence he observed live suspected marijuana plants in individual planter pots outside the front door in plain view. The plants were seized and he attempted to locate the owner of the residence.  At 5:49 p.m., the home owners, Tabatha Lee Hower, 45, and David William Hower, Sr., 50, both of Lexington Park, arrived at the residence.  Tabatha Hower was charged with Possession of CDS: Marijuana on a criminal summons.  David Hower Sr. was charged with CDS Manufacturing, CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute, and Possession of CDS Marijuana on a criminal summons.

CDS: On September 28, 2017 at approximately 7:00 a.m., Detective Sergeant J. Linger was on-duty in the area of  MD RT 235 in the area of St. John’s Road, Hollywood, St. Mary’s County, Maryland.  D/Sgt. Linger conducted a traffic stop on a 2008 Ford Taurus and made contact with the driver, identified as Shaun Michael Dyson, 28 of Virginia.  D/Sgt. Linger observed partially burnt hand rolled cigars in plain view inside the vehicle. Upon further investigation, and inspection, the cigar contained K2/Spice which is a synthetic marijuana. Mr. Dyson was arrested for possession of CDS– Non marijuana.

Marlon Weslee Hill, 46 of Lexington Park

Marlon Weslee Hill, 46 of Lexington Park

CDS Possession with Intent to Distribute: On October 3, 2017 at approximately 12:21 a.m., TFC C. DiToto was travelling southbound on MD RT 235 at Pegg Road when he observed a vehicle operating in an erratic manner.  TFC DiToto attempted to stop the vehicle on Pegg Road, but it continued. As the vehicle approached the intersection of Pegg Road and Forest Run Drive, TFC DiToto observed the driver throw multiple white bags out of the passenger side of the vehicle.  The vehicle turned on Westbury Blvd and then stopped at the intersection of Westbury Blvd and Saltmarsh Court.  The driver was identified as Marlon Weslee Hill, 46 of Lexington Park.  Mr. Hill admitted throwing contraband out of the vehicle. A search incident to arrest revealed a plastic bag containing suspected cocaine located in the vehicle as well as a large sum of money on his person.  TFC C. Ruth and Deputy Bush returned to the location where the contraband had been thrown from the vehicle and located additional plastic bags of suspected cocaine.  Mr. Hill was transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center where he was charged with Possession of CDS (Crack Cocaine), Possession of CDS with Intent to Distribute and Possession of CDS Paraphernalia.

Burglary: On October 11, 2017 at 11:30 hours, Trooper D. Coppedge responded to Darcy Lane, Lexington Park, MD for a report of burglary/theft.  Upon arrival and making contact with the home owner, it was revealed that an unknown person had stolen his Bersa Thunder .380 handgun and approximately $700 cash from a safe inside the residence.  There were no signs of forced entry, the investigation continues.

Possession of Marijuana Less Than 10 Grams

Name of Arrestee Age City, State Offense Date Arresting Officer
Kaitlyn Amber Walker 22 Lusby, MD 10/2/2017 TFC J. Mulhearn
Taleigha Loryne Somerville 19 Lexington Park, MD 10/3/2017 TFC D. Coppedge
Damato Maurice Butler 26 Great Mills, MD 10/6/2017 Tpr. J. Manning
Justin Sean Bean 19 Port Republic, MD 10/6/2017 Tpr J. Manning
Megan Michelle Ching 30 Mechanicsville, MD 10/6/2017 TFC J. Mulhearn
Haley Nicole Bergendahl 23 Huntingtown, MD 10/9/2017 Tpr. A. Opirhory
Kelsey Ann Kinnier 18 Middletown, MD 10/12/2017 Tpr. J. Rutkoski
Colin Bishop Murphy 18 Mechanicsville, MD 10/17/2017 TFC C. DiToto
Shannon Louise Guy 30 Lusby, MD 10/18/2017 Tpr. M. Posch
Madison Brooke Willett 19 Lexington Park, MD 10/20/2017 TFC B. DiToto
Patrick Ryan Klock 23 Chaptico, MD 10/20/2017 TFC S. DiToto
Taylor Elaine Griffith 19 Lusby, MD 10/20/2017 TFC C. DiToto
Cory Demarcus Pinson 38 Lexington Park, MD 10/22/2017 TFC S. DiToto
Keith Alphonzo Baskin 29 Great Mills, MD 10/27/2017 Tpr. A. Piscopo-Bann
Grayton Medina Walter 21 Hollywood, MD 10/30/2017 Tpr M. Posch

DUI Arrests

Name Age City, State Offense Date Arresting Officer
Hilario Cervantes 50 Collinsville, OK 10/1/2017 TFC D. Coppedge
Tyler Nathaniel Hair 24 Mechanicsville, MD 10/3/2017 TFC C.Ditoto
Emmanuel Rosario Ojeda 30 Denver, CO 10/4/2017 TFC D. Coppedge
Robert Miguel Huici 31 Charlotte Hall, MD 10/4/2017 TFC S. Ditoto
Amy S Santoria 50 Antioch, IL 10/5/2017 Cpl. M.Grimes
Robert Wilson Barrett 56 California, MD 10/5/2017 Tpr. M. Manning
Thomas Eugene Hill 59 Lexington Park, MD 10/5/2017 TFC S. Ditoto
Michael Anthony Hall 23 Lexington Park, MD 10/7/2017 Cpl. M. Grimes
Terrance Anthony Quille 21 Walforf, MD 10/8/2017 Cpl. M. Grimes
George Leon Walker 50 Upper Marlboro, MD 10/8/2017 TFC B. Meurrens
Jake John-Patrick McGuire 24 Great Mills, MD 10/12/2017 TFC S. Ditoto
Sharmayne Danae Heigh 22 Upper Marlboro, MD 10/13/2017 TFC S. Ditoto
Caitlynn Taylor Rader 23 Lexington Park, MD 10/13/2017 Tpr. T. Howard
EricT Daniel 55 Irvington, NJ 10/13/2017 TFC B. Ditoto
Jeremiah Anton Thomas 37 Chaptico, MD 10/16/2017` TFC B. Meurrens
Patricia Ann Swann 62 Lexington Park, MD 10/18/2017 TFC D. Coppedge
Darrin Loon Poon 49 La Plata, MD 10/18/2017 Tpr. M. Whitman
Lisa Ann Gaddis 50 Hollywood, MD 10/19/2017 Cpl. M. Pitcher
James Tolson Walker 44 Brooklet, GA 10/21/2017 TFC B. Ditoto
Amanda Brooke Malamphy 25 Lusby, MD 10/21/2017 S/Tpr. E. Evans
John Jeffrey Burch 49 Lusby, MD 10/21/2017 TFC S. Ditoto
Joseph Leon Davis, Jr. 37 Lexigton Park , MD 10/29/2017 TFC D. Coppedge