Sheriff’s Deputy in Charles County Rescues Bald Eagle on Christmas Eve

December 27, 2017

A bald eagle was found lying on the side of Oaks Road in Bryantown on Christmas Eve.

Lt. Jeff Wood, of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office who is working that night at the Sheriff’s Office , was called to help out. Lt. Wood is a shift commander and he’s also a Falconer (Bird handler and trainer). He quickly responded with his gear and gently scooped the eagle up, placed her in an eagle transport box, and took her to the Owl Moon Raptor Rescue where they graciously opened their doors and cared for the eagle.

Turns out this beautiful creature had a broken right wing. She will require about two months care. During the holidays, people and animals may need our help and we thank Lt. Wood for helping the eagle receive medical attention. Looks like she’s pretty comfy too! 

Facts about this eagle: she weighs 11.6 pounds and is 40 inches long. She is a full adult female. She has about 500 pounds of pressure in her feet. While she was very sweet, Lt. Wood took precautions and wore full protective gear to gently handle her. Maybe we can call her Noel