UPDATE: DC Man Shot During Home Invasion in Bryans Road was Looking For Marijuana

January 2, 2018

UPDATE 1/2/2018: On Tuesday, December 26, 2017, at approximately 7:40 p.m., the Charles County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 phone call from victim at Marshall Hall Road in Bryans Road, in reference to a burglary in progress.

The caller reported individuals were in his house and stated, “don’t shoot me” while on the phone with the call taker.

Sgt. Cooney and Pfc. Beall arrived on the scene moments later. Pfc. Beall made contact with Troy Marcelis Jordan, 24, of Washington DC, who was coming out of the driveway of the residence. Jordan was suffering from a gunshot wound to his neck and to his arm. At the same time, Sgt. Cooney made contact with Dion Louis Bridgers, 17, of Washington DC, (Bridges turned 18 on 1/1/2018) who was standing behind a tree in the front yard of the residence between the residence and Marshall Hall Road.

Jordan was transported to Prince George’s Hospital Center where he was treated. Beside the walkway leading to the front door of the residence, Pfc. Beall located and recovered a Ruger .22 caliber semi-automatic handgun with a magazine and 9 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition. This gun was later confirmed to have been reported stolen in October 2010 from Chambersburg, PA. Detectives responded to the scene and assumed the investigation.

The victim said that he lives at this residence with his two grandsons. The victims reported that they were at the residence this evening hanging out with a friend. One of the grandsons told police that he used to sell marijuana, but he doesn’t currently.

The friend came inside the residence and said he was approached by two people who were looking to buy marijuana. The friend sent them on their way and said they didn’t have any. The two subjects were then seen walking down Marshall Hall Road towards Indian Head Highway, and the friend left the residence.

A short time later, one of the grandsons looked out the window and observed two subjects walking up the driveway toward the house. The grandson told the others in the house that he suspected the subjects were going to try to rob them. They locked the front door and moments later, the subjects began kicking on the front door until it opened. At this time, one of the victims was hiding in a bedroom which is the first room on the left down the hallway. Two other victims, a male and a female, were in the bathroom that is accessed through one of the bedrooms. The grandfather was in his bedroom.

As the subjects were forcing open the front door, the grandfather called 911. The grandfather, who was still in his bedroom, was confronted by a subject with dreadlock style hair. The subject, later identified as Troy Marcelis Jordan, was pointing a handgun in his face and was questioning him about the location of the marijuana, the victim could hear a second subject, later identified as Dion Louis Bridgers, going through the things in another bedroom.

At this time, Jordan walked toward the bathroom door in one of the bedrooms. When he opened the door, he found the male and female victim.

The male victim, had a .22 caliber revolver, and began shooting at Troy Jordan. Jordan and Bridgers then fled through the front door of the residence where they were immediately located and detained by Officers.

Police observed a shoe print on the front door of the residence. The front door frame was broken at the locking mechanism and appeared to have been forced open. The damage to the door is estimated at $200.

On the front step, police observed drops of blood. Additional drops of blood were located inside the residence just inside the front door and in the doorway of a bedroom.

A Ruger .22 semi-automatic handgun that was recovered in the front yard also had blood evidence on it.

The only person who was injured and bleeding was Troy Marcelis Jordan. It is believed that Jordan dropped the handgun as he was fleeing from the residence.

According to court documents, the investigation revealed Troy Marcelis Jordan and Dion Louis Bridgers came to the victim’s residence located on Marshall Hall Road in Bryans Road. They were uninvited and are unknown to the victims. The defendants forced entry to the residence which was occupied by three males and one female, with the intentions of robbing them. Once inside, defendant Troy Jordan pointed a loaded Ruger .22 caliber semi-automatic handgun at a male victim and demanded marijuana. At the same time, defendant Dion Bridgers began searching through a bedroom. As Troy Jordan was searching a bedroom, he opened the bathroom door and was confronted by a male victim, who began shooting at Troy Jordan in self-defense, Troy Jordan was struck in the neck and arm. Troy Jordan and Dion Bridgers were apprehended as the exited and fled the residence. The Ruger .22 caliber handgun, which was possessed by Troy Jordan, was determined to have been reported stolen in 2010 from Chambersburg, PA.

Dion Bridgers was interviewed, and he initially denied knowing Troy Jordan. Bridgers initially denied any involvement in the incident and said he was at the residence because he was knocking on doors looking for a drink of water because he was thirsty. Bridgers later said he has known Troy Jordan for a couple months, and someone told them to go to this location to get marijuana. They went there with the intentions of first asking to buy marijuana and then robbing the victims of their remaining marijuana. They were dropped off at the residence by an unknown person. They met a male and female in the driveway and asked to buy marijuana. The male and female said they didn’t have any and the defendants walked down the street away from the house. They returned and approached the front door. They pushed the door open and they met an older male subject at a back bedroom and asked him for the marijuana. Bridgers went into another bedroom and searched for the marijuana but didn’t find any. He heard a couple gun shots and he and Troy fled the residence.

Bridgers said he did handle the gun earlier in the day but it doesn’t belong to him. He doesn’t know the victim’s and hasn’t purchased marijuana from them before.

Troy Jordan was interviewed, and said he and Dion Bridgers came to the residence to purchase marijuana. They know each other from Washington, DC. Once inside the residence, an occupant of the house began shooting at them. Jordan said that Dion Bridgers actually had the gun and drew the gun from his waistband once the shooting began. Jordan said he fled the residence and was immediately contacted by Officers. He denied ever touching the handgun.

12/28/2017: On December 26, 2017, at approximately 7:40 p.m., officers from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office responded to the 2700 block of Marshall Hall Road in Bryans Road for the report of a burglary in progress.

The homeowner reported two male suspects kicked open his front door and, at gunpoint, demanded money. A male occupant of the house heard the robbery, grabbed a gun, and hid in a nearby room. The suspects entered the room and pointed the gun at the man who then fired shots at the suspect with the gun.

Both suspects fled and were subsequently located nearby.

One of the suspects had a gunshot wound to his neck. He was transported to a hospital and treated for an injury that was not life threatening.

Investigators did determine the house was targeted and this was not a random burglary.

Charges are pending against the male with the gunshot wound and detectives arrested the other suspect, a 17-year-old male. He was charged with attempted robbery, burglary and other related charges.

Detective B. Long is investigating.