Waldorf Woman Busted with 2 Pounds of Marijuana in Hotel Parking Lot

February 21, 2018
Charley Etana Hagans, 19, of Waldorf

Charley Etana Hagans, 19, of Waldorf

On February 20, 2018 at approximately 11:00 p.m., Deputy Collins, from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office, was conducting a patrol check at the Hampton Inn, in Waldorf.

Police observed a female sitting in the driver seat of a blue Mitsubishi Mirage, the vehicle was backed into a parking spot and was facing towards the side of the building. Police approached the vehicle on foot and contacted the female, which they identified as Charley Etana Hagans, 19, of Waldorf.

The driver side window was down, and police detected the odor of burnt Marijuana emitting from the vehicle. Police asked Hagans if she had any Marijuana inside her vehicle and she stated no. They asked her if there was any reason her vehicle would smell like Marijuana and she stated, “I’m sorry,” They asked Hagan to step out of the vehicle and conducted a search of Hagans person, and the vehicle. While conducting a search of the vehicle I located numerous burnt marijuana cigarettes in an ashtray that were in the center cup holder. In the trunk of the vehicle police located a black backpack, Inside the backpack was two heat sealed plastic bags containing approximately 1 lb. of suspected marijuana each, for a total of approximately 2 lbs. Located inside the glove-box was a box of gallon size plastic bags.

Hagans was placed under arrest and stated the vehicle was hers, and no one drives it, but her. When asked who owned the backpack that was in the trunk, Hagans advised she didn’t know. Hagans stated she dropped a friend off at the hotel to grab something, and they were the only two in the vehicle.

Hagans was transported to the Charles County Detention Center, and charged with possession with intent to distribute and possession of over 10 grams of marijuana.