WARNING – Graphic Content: Police Arrest La Plata Woman for Prostitution and Assault

April 12, 2018
Jennifer Ann Flynn, 42, of no fixed address

Jennifer Ann Flynn, 42, of no fixed address

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, at approximately 2:00 p.m., police officers from the La Plata Police Department responded to the Deluxe Inn, in La Plata for the report of an assault in progress.

Upon arrival, police observed a white female and black male separated and yelling back and forth, police approached the male, who stated that he left his room at the Deluxe Inn when the woman he had staying in his room was gone. He stated that he located the woman, identified later as Jennifer Ann Flynn, 42, of no fixed address walking out of another man’s room located next to his room. When the male approached Flynn, she started to yell at him and struck him with hair clippers. The male victim subsequently called the police for assistance.

When police arrived on scene and asked Jennifer Flynn what happened, Flynn stated that she had sex with the victim, so she could have a place to stay. She then left his room so she could have sex with a different man so she could have a place to stay later on during the week.

Police read Flynn her rights and told her she should stop talking until she talks to a lawyer, Flynn yelled, “Why I am Horney I like to F##k”. Flynn then started to ask the police officer to have sex with her by saying, “no charges you can f##k me and let me go”.

Flynn told police she was having sex for the past two days so she had a place to stay. The male victim told police that Flynn has also been having sex with a man in room 148. Police then went to check on the welfare of the man in room 148 and to get his side of what happened, however the man was not there.

Police advised Flynn she was going to be arrested and she keep saying she would have sex with them and leave. As police placed one hand cuff on her she kicked the officer in his leg. As Flynn was placed inside the police vehicle she attempted to kick the officer again in the chest area. While in the back of the police car Flynn started to kick the interior of the door causing the window and door to bend out. The right-side door after transport was observed to have a cress towards the center from her kicking it.

Police read Flynn her rights and asked her what type of sexual acts she performed, Flynn stated, “On the one man who has a small d##k so I sucked his d##k until it was hard enough to have regular and anal sex”. The other man has a bigger d##k so I sucked him until he was hard, and had sex both in my a## and my p###y”. Flynn then stated she has been doing this since she got into Town from California. Flynn went on to say she is very Horney and loves to have sex, so it’s really not prostitution as long as she loves to have sex.

Jennifer Flynn was arrested and charged with the following:

  • Assault
  • Destruction of Property
  • Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer
  • 2 Counts of Sodomy
  • 2 Counts of Prostitution

Jennifer Ann Flynn, 42, of no fixed address

Jennifer Ann Flynn, 42, of no fixed address