Letter to the Editor: I do not Know who Exactly Jack Bailey is…

May 22, 2018

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to express my concern that Governor Larry Hogan is promoting a no name politician out of the Governor’s Mansion of Maryland. I do not know who exactly Jack Bailey is but it alarmed me to see his political advertising signs posted about Saint Mary’s County with an added sign saying that Governor Larry Hogan approves of this guy. As I am not from here, that immediately set off an alarm that something is aloof.

Senator Steve Waugh to be honest is probably one of the very reasons I have hope for Veterans and Veteran related issues in Maryland. I am a Retired Navy Chief and I have been working Veteran related and suicide prevention related advocacy since before I retired here at NAS Patuxent River MD back in 2010. I have had a successful career in Naval Aviation and with that background and training, it allows me the freedom to choose where I would like to work and live. The decision to retire from Active Duty Service, purchase a home and work in Maryland was one I weighed very heavily and often felt I had regrets because of the politics of this State. Senator Waugh has given me hope that things will change for the better for our Veteran community.

I had the honor of attending an unprecedented Veterans Summit that was the brain child of Senator Waugh. We sat down in various committees to help shape the 2017 Veterans Agenda. He actually allowed the Veterans of Maryland to have a voice. It did my heart proud to know I was a part of that team especially noticing in the paper some reforms and changes to laws that I know we discussed in that summit.

So, I ask myself; “Why on earth would Governor Larry Hogan promote someone I have never heard of or worked with here in Saint Mary’s County?” While I enjoy the democratic process, I would hate to see a turtle on the fence post politician beat out someone that is holding the office, doing a great job and actually working with his constituents.

I urge everyone reading this to actually research Jack Bailey and ask yourself why the Governor promotes him. I urge everyone to register to vote and to get out there and actually vote.

Russell Cain Sauer
Retired US Navy