VIDEO: Gun Pulled on Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Deputy During Traffic Stop

June 22, 2018

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office posted the following statement and video to their Facebook page:

The video below is from a traffic stop conducted by a deputy on June 18, 2018 in Calvert County Maryland. The driver was initially stopped for a simple traffic violation. After some initial investigation the driver was asked to exit the vehicle. The driver complied, but did not show his hands. Instead, he opened the driver’s side door with one hand and kept his other hand concealed behind his back. When asked what was behind his back he chambered a round and produced a 9mm handgun. The deputy drew his handgun, sought cover, and began to give verbal commands. Responding deputies secured the areas surrounding the incident and created a perimeter. Negotiations with the subject resulted in him being peacefully apprehended. Several charges are still pending in this case.

This video is a representation of an event that has the potential to happen at any time to a deputy while working. Deputies have been trained to handle situations like this. It is this training and the desire to preserve life that is paramount to a successful resolution. Sheriff Mike Evans stated, “I am proud of the deputies in this situation. They showed great restraint and relied on their training to resolve the situation.”