Maryland State Police to Conduct Sobriety Checkpoint in Calvert County

June 28, 2018

The Maryland State Police Prince Frederick Barrack will be conducting a Sobriety Checkpoint on Saturday, June 30th 2018 in Calvert County, Maryland. This initiative is to reduce impaired driving collisions by educating, aggressively enforcing and arresting violators for impaired driving, and making the roadway safer for the residents and visitors to Calvert County.

Impaired Driving Statistics:

  • There are 7,884 impaired (alcohol and/or drugs) driving crashes statewide, resulting in 4,026 injuries and 171 fatalities every year. (
  • A third of all statewide fatal crashes and 34 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities involve an impaired driver. (
  • Sobriety checkpoints have been shown to be an important component of a comprehensive program to reduce drunk driving. Research had shown that sobriety checkpoints can reduce alcohol-related crashes anywhere from 18 to 26 percent. (

Law Enforcement encourages you to consider having a designated driver or use public transportation if you are planning on consuming alcohol. Law enforcement is asking that if you do drink, please do not drive.
Driver Responsibility:

On a side note, the Maryland State Police, Prince Frederick Barrack urges every driver and passenger of a vehicle to wear your seat belt at all times. Studies have proven that wearing your seat belt greatly enhances your chances of surviving a crash. Seat belts save lives!