Police in Waldorf Arrest Armed Fugitive and Recover Stolen Handgun

June 28, 2018
Antonio McCoy McGhee, 29, of Waldorf

Antonio McCoy McGhee, 29, of Waldorf

On Sunday, June 17, 2018, at approximately 6:30 a.m., deputies from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to an apartment on Ell Lane, in Waldorf, for the report of an armed subject

The caller stated there was a large group of males and females standing in front of her apartment building and they would not let her up the stairs to her residence earlier in the day. She overheard the group arguing over whether to break down the door and shoot her and her son. A group of six to eight subjects were standing in front of her apartment the previous night talking about killing her and her son. The group dispersed, but there were two subjects still roaming around her apartment building and one of those subjects usually carries a gun. She was standing at her door and overheard the group stating they had guns and it sounded as though they were loading the guns. She stated a light skinned black male wearing a pink shirt and a light skinned black male with long dreads wearing a white t-shirt were the two subjects roaming around her apartment still. The light skinned black male with the pink shirt was the one with the gun.

While responding to the call on Leonardtown Road in the area of Post Office Road, police observed two subjects matching the description, and made contact with them in the parking lot of Holiday Liquors. One officer stated on the radio, the black male with the pink shirt ran away from him on foot, behind the Bank of America, and he observed the subject running in an abnormal way, with his left hand grabbing at his waist band.

Police observed the black male wearing the pink shirt, running in the rear parking lot of Bank of America near some dumpsters. Police came into contact with the subject on Post Office Road, and pointed their agency issued firearm at the subject due to the possible threat of him being in possession of a firearm. Police gave the subject several verbal commands to show them his hands and to stop walking. The subject put both of his hands in the air and stopped walking in a grassy area in front of 6 Post Office Road. Police gave him several verbal commands to lay down on the ground and keep his hands visible. The subject complied, and the officer waited for other deputies to arrive on scene.

The subject was taken into custody, and police retrieved a District of Columbia license out of his left front pocket and identified him as Antonio McCoy McGhee, 29, of Waldorf. Police also determined McGhee was showing wanted through Maryland Parole Commission for robbery.

McGhee stated he had a large amount of fake cash in his back-left pocket, in which he uses for his rap music videos. In his right front pockets police located $31.00 dollars in cash and $2,200 in fake U.S. currency in his back-left pocket in a brown envelope with a paper card that stated it was used in motion pictures.

Police located two handguns loaded with ammunition behind a dumpster to the rear of 2 Post Office Road. The location the two handguns were found was the exact path police observed McGhee take when he fled from them. The first gun recovered was a Taurus PT111 9mm handgun, it was loaded with ammunition and had a round loaded into the chamber. The second handgun was a Hi-Point 9mm handgun, which was loaded with ammunition, but did not have a round in the chamber. A check of the guns revealed the Taurus 9mm handgun was showing it was stolen through Virginia.

Police spoke to a witness who advised she saw the subject throw something on the ground near the dumpsters as he was running away from them. The woman was referring to the same area of the dumpsters the handguns was recovered from.

McGhee stated he wanted to speak with his lawyer and was not questioned any further regarding the incident.

McGhee was transported to the Charles County Detention Center for processing, and charged with multiple gun violations.

The Maryland Gun Center stated McGhee has no firearms listed to him and he does not have a handgun permit issued by the Maryland State Police Licensing Division. various databases showed McGhee was prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition at the time of the incident. McGhee was prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition due to a warrant for attempted robbery and burglary and a warrant from Parole and Probation. McGhee was arrested for attempted robbery and possession of a regulated firearm by a person under 21, both in Prince Georges County. McGhee was also arrested for burglary in Prince Georges County. McGhee was an adjudicated juvenile by a Juvenile Court in Prince Georges County, for one act which would disqualify him from possessing a handgun if he committed the crime as an adult, McGhee was also listed as a fugitive from justice.

Antonio McCoy McGhee, 29, of Waldorf

Antonio McCoy McGhee, 29, of Waldorf