Lexington Park Man Arrested on Multiple Drug Charges After Traffic Stop in Prince Frederick

October 31, 2018
Patrick Henry Nutter, 32, of Lexington Park

Patrick Henry Nutter, 32, of Lexington Park

On October 27, 2018, at approximately 12:45 p.m., Deputy Sampson of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop on a black Chrysler 200 in the area of Solomons Island Road and Dares Beach Road, in Prince Frederick, for having multiple windows cracked and the front bumper appearing to be falling off.

Police made contact with the driver, identified as Duane Timothy Jones, 29, as well as the front passenger, identified as Kiersten Faye Nutter, 27. In the rear of the vehicle was an adult male identified as Patrick Henry Nutter, 32, of Lexington Park, a 7-year-old female and an infant.

Deputy Ridgely arrived to assist and police noticed Patrick Nutter had a prescription label stuck to the back of his license that he provided to them.

Police wrote in charging documents that the in previous encounters, with Patrick and Kiersten Nutter they are known to be drug abusers and Deputy Ridgely went to make contact with Patrick. When Deputy Ridgely approached the vehicle, he observed Patrick shuffling around with his hands concealed around his waist. Due to Patrick’s furtive movements, Deputy Ridgely had him to exit the vehicle. As Patrick exited the vehicle, police observed his pants to be unzipped and were falling down past his waist, they also saw that he had spilled something on his lap.

Police asked Nutter why his pants were unzipped and falling off his waste, and he stated he had left the house in a hurry and did not have time to get them straight. When police asked Patrick where he had come from and he stated St Mary’s. Deputy Ridgely conducted a pat down of Patrick to check for weapons and upon doing so felt a prescription bottle in Patrick’s pants pocket. When asked about the prescription bottle, Patrick stated it was his “Kolonopin”; however, Deputy Ridgely clearly heard coins in the bottle and suspected Patrick was lying to him about the contents of the pill bottle. Deputy Ridgely retrieved the pill bottle from Patrick’s front right pants pocket and observed the bottle to contain only coins. Upon further observation, police noticed the pill bottle was labeled to another person for amphetamines with a fill date of 10/12/2018. The fact that this pill bottle was empty and that Patrick has had numerous issues with CDS abuse led them to believe he was further concealing contraband. When asked about the pill bottle, Patrick stated he had grabbed it off the counter by accident. Police asked Patrick if the owner of the pill bottle lived with him and he stated that he did. When Kiersten was asked about whether the person lived at their house, she stated he did not. At this point Patrick Nutter was read his Miranda Rights and agreed to continue to speak with police.

A search of Patrick revealed (13) unopened strips of Suboxone in his front left pants pocket, (6) unopened strips of Suboxone in his back left pants pocket, and (1) unopened strip of Suboxone in his front right pants pocket. When asked about the Suboxone, Patrick stated he had spilled them out of his wallet while in the vehicle and picked them up and put them in his pocket. A further search, revealed a gray plastic pouch hidden between Patrick’s genitals and his underwear. Upon retrieving this pouch, police observed a green mulch like substance, which was suspected as K2 Spice (synthetic marijuana). Patrick confirmed it was synthetic marijuana. While searching Patrick’s backpack, (2) pill bottles were located. The first pill bottle was labeled as being Patrick’s for Clonazepam with a fill date of 10/26/2018 and a fill quantity of (30) 2mg pills. The recommended dosage was labeled as “take one tablet by mouth at bedtime as needed”. Based on this recommended dosage, there should have been (29) pills remaining in the bottle. This bottle was observed to contain (20) Clonazepam pills. Patrick stated he had taken some out and left them at home and only took what he needed with him for the day. The second pill bottle located in the backpack was labeled to Patrick for Amphetamine with a fill date of 10/26/2018 and a fill quantity of (60) 30mg pills. The recommended dosage was labeled as “take one tablet by mouth twice daily”. Based on the recommended dosage, there should have been (54) pills remaining in the bottle. This bottle was observed to contain (26) Amphetamine pills.

While searching the vehicle, police located Patrick’s wallet on the floorboard of the rear passenger seat where he was sitting. Inside this wallet I located (19) unopened Suboxone strips and (1) partial Suboxone strip. While continuing to search the vehicle, police found three phones and they were seized as part of the CDS investigation.

While in route to the jail, Patrick stated that he was told by a friend that K2 was legal in Maryland.

Nutter was placed under arrest and transported to the Calvert County Detention Center where he was charged with CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana, CDS: Possession of Paraphernalia and CDS: Possession with Intent to Distribute.

Kiersten Nutter and Jones were released from the scene.

The Department of Social Services (Child Protective Services) was contacted via phone and provided a brief summary of events.

Tnvestigation is ongoing and search warrants on all seized phones will be pursued.