Urinating on Roadside in Front of Police Leads to Arrest for Indecent Exposure at Charlotte Hall library

December 31, 2018

Brian Jackson, 24 of Lexington Park

On Saturday December 22, 2018 Deputies responded to a report of a traffic complaint in the area of Loveville Road. Police were advised that the vehicle was a green Nissan Altima that was heading Northbound on route 235.

A vehicle matching the description was located and a traffic stop was initiated at the Charlotte Hall library. During the traffic stop, the rear passenger, identified as Brian Charles Jackson, 24, of Lexington Park, kept trying to exit the vehicle.

Additional units were called to the scene and once they arrived all occupants were taken out of the vehicle and placed in handcuffs. After the investigation was completed, all occupants were released. At that time, Jackson proceeded to urinate in front of the officers, passing motorists, and the other occupants of the vehicle. Jackson began resisting arrest when officers attempted to place him under arrest,

Jackson was placed under arrest and charged with indecent exposure and resisting arrest.  Jackson was released on his own recognizance on December 23, 2018 and is due in district court January 23, 2019.

Brian Jackson, 24 of Lexington Park