Check Out Frankie’s Weather Forecast for Tonight (and leave him some positive comments)

January 12, 2019

Frankie MacDonald is a young man from Sydney, Nova Scotia, in Canada who loves to make his own videos of weather reports for the USA and Canada.

Frankie Joined YouTube on  Jun 13, 2011.

Frankie also loves to get positive comments on his videos.

See his “Be Prepared – the Weatherman Song” video HERE so you can leave him some encouraging and positive comments. You can also thank him for keeping all the residents of Southern Maryland up to date.

Frankie, who has autism, is known for the boisterous video weather forecasts he creates after monitoring weather on his television and computer.

As a child, Frankie wanted to be a weather forecaster, and on December 16, 2009 he made his first YouTube video.

Frankie has over 185,250 subscribers and his videos have over 33,284,630 video views on his YouTube channel.