Fort Washington Man with Gun Arrested After Chasing Kids Getting off School Bus in Lexington Park

January 23, 2019
Edgar C. Watts, 19 of Fort Washington

Edgar C. Watts, 19 of Fort Washington

On Friday, January 11, 2019, Deputies from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff Office responded to Olympia Court in Lexington Park for the report of a black male, later identified as Edgar C. Watts, 19 of Fort Washington, operating a silver Hyundai Elantra at a high rate of speed in the area where the child get off the bus.

The victims told officers that when the vehicle passed them, it was very close to them, and caused them to move quickly in fear of being struck by the vehicle.

The victims told police that they had yelled to the operator of the vehicle to slow down due to them almost being struck. The victims said that the vehicle came to a quick stop in the middle of the road, and they saw an unknown black female exit the passenger side of the vehicle.

As the victims continued to walk towards the intersection of Freedom Run Drive and Sorrel Drive, they saw the vehicle turn onto Festival Court and pull into one of the driveways.  Watts exited the vehicle and began to yell at the victims, telling them to “stay there, we are going to fight”. The victims proceeded to walk towards Sorrel Drive when they say Watts exited the residence holding a handgun.

Watts continued to yell at the victims and pointed the handgun towards the sky. The victims became fearful for their lives and believed Watts was going to shoot them. They began to run on Sorrel Drive until they reached Coronet Place.

The victims told police that they looked behind them while running and saw Watts running towards them with the handgun in his hand. The victims ran down Coronet Place and into a wooded area fearing that Watts was still running after them.

Once they reached a residence on Olympia Court, they advised that their parents contacted law enforcement.

Police observed the victims had scratches on their hands and thorns on their clothing from running through the woods to get away from Watts. The victims appeared to be fearful of Watts and were afraid he followed them back to the house and would shoot towards the residence. Police observed that the victims were highly excited, out of breath, and had mud on their shoes.

After speaking with the victims, several deputies attempted to locate the silver Hyundai Elantra, which they located at a residence on Festival Court. Deputies made contact with Watts and when they questioned him, Watts told police that he was travelling in the area of Green Leaf Road in the area of Freedom Run Drive with his girlfriend when she exited the vehicle.

Once the female exited the vehicle, Watts states that he heard the three victims starting to yell as he drove away.  Watts said that “once he reached the residence, he exited the vehicle walked to the residence, he said he did not argue with the victims, and did not have a handgun, or wave a handgun towards the victims.”

Watts was arrested and charged with assault first degree, assault second degree, reckless endangerment.

Watts is currently being held without bond and is due in district court on February 10, 2019.

Edgar C. Watts, 19 of Fort Washington

Edgar C. Watts, 19 of Fort Washington