Richard Dement Padgett

January 30, 2019

Richard Dement Padgett, husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather was born on November 19, 1940. He and his older brothers, William and Dent, were raised “farm boys” by their parents, Wilbur and Minnie Padgett. Rick and Billy were extremely close all their lives until Billy passed away. Rick married the love of his life, Ernestine Thorne, on May 5, 1961. Together they had two daughters, Karen Lynn and Sharon Lynn. Rick worked as a surveyor to provide for his family, while Ernie held a few different jobs over the years. Her first was as a bus driver in Charles County for Compton Bus Services. Ernie’s deep love of arts and crafts led her to open a ceramics shop. Her love of children was the foundation of her starting her own daycare where she cared for her own children and grandchildren, as well as others, through their elementary and middle school years. When the children were older, unable to bear the boredom of retirement, Ernie began commuting to Virginia to work in accounting for Carlson Wagonlit Travel. Eventually both Mom and Pop, as their daughters called them, retired. Ernie filled her walls with pictures of her family that she loved so much. Rick and Ernie loved the outdoors, not allowing a warm day to pass without spending a portion of it outside.

Rick and Ernie remained happily married until July 28, 2016, when Ernie, or “Mama” as Rick fondly called her, passed away. Rick spent his next two and a half years with their dog, Starr, by his side. On January 26, 2019, Rick was reunited with the love of his life. Rick and Ernie are survived by their two daughters, Karen Padgett and Sharon Blevins (Jason), grandchildren Donald “DJ” King (Kari), Stanley “Mark” Watson (Elle), Krystal Lynn Tipton (Nick), and Jack Worley Blevins, and great-grandchildren, Amber Lynn King, Layla Lynn Tipton, and Landon James Watson.

The family will be having a repass following services at the Waldorf Moose lodge at 2:00pm