Sister of Lexington Park Man who Killed 87-Year-Old Woman in Police Chase Accusing Sheriff’s Office of Police Brutality

May 1, 2019
Corrina Lyevette Savoy, 24, of Lexington Park

Corrina Lyevette Savoy, 24, of Lexington Park

On Sunday, March 3, 2019, officers attempted to take Machiavelli Tyzhae Savoy, 20, of Lexington Park into custody, however, Savoy refused to stop his vehicle and a pursuit ensued. During the pursuit, Savoy lost control of the vehicle he was operating while negotiating a curve on Pegg Road. Savoy’s vehicle crossed the centerline of the roadway and struck another vehicle.

A preliminary investigation determined a 1995 GMC Jimmy, operated by Savoy, was traveling northbound on Pegg Road when Savoy lost control of the vehicle in the area of West Westbury Boulevard. Savoy’s vehicle crossed the centerline and entered the southbound lanes of travel, where it struck a 2016 Volkswagen Beetle, operated by Carol Jean Anderson, 87 of Leonardtown.

On March 9, 2019, Carol Jean Anderson, 87 of Leonardtown, succumbed to the injuries sustained in the motor vehicle collision.

Located on Machiavelli Savoy’s person prior to being transported to the hospital was a loaded handgun. Drugs, thousands of dollars in cash, and other items of evidence were also recovered from the vehicle.

Carla Yvette Blanton, 48, and Corrina Lyevette Savoy, 24 both of Lexington Park, (Machiavelli’s mother and sister) arrived at the scene of the motor vehicle crash and began to yell and curse at officers and emergency personnel.

While officers and emergency personnel were attempting to provide aid to injured parties Blanton and Savoy’s actions were hindering rescue operations and the police investigation. Blanton and Savoy were given multiple commands to cease their actions, however, both Blanton and Savoy refused.

Savoy punched Sergeant William Raddatz. Savoy was arrested and continued to resist being placed into handcuffs and continued to hinder and obstruct the investigation.

At one-point, Blanton attempted to enter an ambulance after being ordered multiple times to step away from the vehicle. Blanton attempted to pass several officers to gain access to the back of the ambulance. Blanton then attempted to choke Corporal Scott Ruest, several officers attempted to place Blanton into handcuffs. Blanton was placed into an escort hold and escorted to a patrol vehicle. Blanton then removed her left hand from the handcuff and grabbed Sergeant Raddatz the shirt while resisting being placed into handcuffs again.

Both women were ultimately placed in custody and charged with Assault 2nd Degree, Obstructing and Hindering, and Resisting Arrest.

On Tuesday, April 30, 2019, at 12:40 p.m., Corrina Savoy posted to following on Facebook:

Hello, everyone . I am writing this because of an incident that recently happened involving my little brother, Machiavelli Savoy. On March 3, 2019, my little brother Machiavelli Savoy was involved in a high speed chase involving Maryland State Police along with St. Marys County Sheriff Officers For a Failure to appear for a marijuana charge 10+ grams. Maryland state troopers started the pursuit. The state troopers had notified St. Mary’s county sheriffs officers that they had located Machiavelli Savoy. Machiavelli wasn’t stopping so the state troopers terminated their pursuit. St. Mary’s county sheriff officers continue to chase Machiavelli. I witnessed St. Mary’s county sheriff officers chase Machiavelli through Midway Dr, past my house at a high rate of speed in a residential area. I wasn’t sure who it was at first but something in my heart told me it was my brother. So I tried to call Machiavelli and he wasn’t answering his phone. So my boyfriend, my mother and I jump in the car and followed to where the sirens were. As we arrived at the scene me and my mother was trying to get Machiavelli in our line of view, so we could see if he was okay. St. Mary’s county sheriffs officers told my mother and I that we couldn’t go stand at where everyone else was standing. I questioned why we couldn’t stand there when we are Machiavelli’s family. I seen the EMS put Machiavelli on the stretcher so I ran to get my mother. I told my mother to get on the back of the ambulance with Machiavelli. As I was trying to help my mother on the ambulance the officers stepped in front of us and said that my mother couldn’t get on the ambulance. I told the officers that she has the right to get on the back of the ambulance with her son. Before I could even begin to take in every thing at that moment , I was being arrested. I didn’t know what I was being arrested for, I asked “Why am I being arrested?” in which Cpl. Scott Ruest stated that I assaulted Sgt. Willam Raddatz, but there is a video on Southern Maryland news net that proves that I did not strike Sgt. Raddatz with a punch. My mother Carla Blanton and I were both falsely accused of resisting arrest, hindering a crime scene (when there was no crime tape up) , and assault sec. degree on a officer. The only person who was assaulted that afternoon was myself. I was assaulted by Cpl. Scott Ruest while I was detained. Cpl. Scott Ruest grabbed me up by my neck, he shut my leg in the door (which cut my toe) , punched me and knee’d me, also he was about to taser me while my hands already behind my back in handcuffs . I also questioned where was the female officer at when he was handling me in the manner in which he was…? I have a video of Cpl. Ruest assaulting me along with pictures of my injuries from him assaulting me. I went to press assault charges on Cpl. Scott Ruest but, the States Attorney denied my request due to lack of evidence but they never reached out to me to gather any of my evidence. I also went to internal affairs to make a complaint on Cpl Scott Ruest and they as well didn’t do anything about it. The purpose of me writing this letter is to bring awareness of police brutality going on in St. Mary’s county. So it’s okay for an officer to assault a female and not face consequences? Wow what type of world we live in that makes Police Officers above the law? Something has to be done and I won’t stop until it does. Everyone if you could please share this.


The family claims police were chasing Machiavelli Tyzhae Savoy, 20, of Lexington Park, for failure to appear for a marijuana charge 10+ grams. They were actually pursuing  Savoy because he was wanted on numerous outstanding warrants, to include Handgun on Person, Handgun in a Vehicle, and Loaded Handgun in Vehicle.

The following photos were also posted on Facebook by Corrina Savoy.