Lexington Park Couple Win $50,000 in May 25th Powerball Drawing

May 29, 2019

Wedding is next step for St. Mary’s County winner

“Mz. Sweetz” and her fiancé of Lexington Park plan to pick up a marriage license after picking up a $50,000 Powerball prize.

“Mz. Sweetz” and her fiancé of Lexington Park plan to pick up a marriage license after picking up a $50,000 Powerball prize.

After a few years of hardship, “Mz. Sweetz” and her fiancé of Lexington Park have seen their lives improve substantially. When “Mz. Sweetz” won $50,000 in the May 25 Powerball drawing, her newfound Lottery luck was just another step in the right direction.

The couple were laughing, smiling and celebrating when they claimed the prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. The celebration, they said, would continue because they planned to stop by the St. Mary’s County courthouse next to pick up a marriage license.

“We’re in a cloud!” exclaimed “Mz. Sweetz.”

For a variety of reasons, including being in a devastating car accident together, the two were in a bad place a few years back. They decided the best course of action was to move closer to family. Her fiancé’s parents needed someone to help them and the couple needed a place to stage a comeback. Today, her fiancé works as a chef in the St. Mary’s County community of California and she just earned a promotion at her retail store job.

While family situations have changed, the two say they remain committed to their family.

“We’ll help put our family where it needs to be and make sure the family stays tight,” said “Mz. Sweetz.” “I always said I’d just need a piece of the jackpot, and I’ll take what I got.”

“Mz. Sweetz” also has a winner of a tale about her Powerball experience. She was at work near closing time just a few days after her promotion when a co-worker asked if she wanted a Powerball ticket. She said, “Yeah, sure.” Her lucky $2 quick-pick ticket came from Giant #359 at 45101 First Colony Way in California.

After the drawing, she and her fiancé were talking and he went outside. She remembered the ticket and checked the numbers. “I was walking the dog and she called me on the phone,” the fiancé said. “I said to myself, ‘Why is she calling me? What did I do now?’ Then, she said, ‘Babe, I won $50,000.’”

Thinking it was a joke, he hung up on her. “Then she came outside. That’s when I knew it wasn’t a joke!”

Thankful for the win, “Mz. Sweetz’s” fiancé said, “God has really worked a number on us. We have come a long way with blessing after blessing after blessing!”