Letter to the Editor – Drag Queen Story Hour at Lexington Park Library

June 14, 2019

The following letter to the editor was submitted to SMNEWSNET.COM.

Letter to the Editor:

The group called: Southern MD area Secular Humanist (SMASH) are sponsoring an event of teaching young boys how to be “Drag Queens” on this coming June 23, 2019, at 2:00pm, starting with their so called “Story Hour” which gives the instruction about being a Drag Queen and then at 3pm is the “tutorial” of putting on the makeup and costumes of the Drag Queen. Their advertisement on Facebook says “for Tweens and Teens” and young boys simply do not have the maturity or the boundaries or any real power to say “no” to this kind of degradation and shame that the Secular Humanists group are here orchestrating and that is very troubling. The event is to be held at the Lexington Park Library and this SMASH group calls the beginning as a “Story Hour” which gives the impression that it is a real Library “Story Time” event which it is not. The Secular Humanists people do not accept that the morality of truth or lies are binding for them because any morality is just a matter of opinion in their view, and so even a Drag Queen of having a man dressing up like a girl is a type of lie which they see as okay to teach to vulnerable children.

To confront that group with protesting just feeds into their false drama claiming prejudice and discrimination when really it is a protest against their public display of child sexual abuse which is done for the perverted pleasure of the adults spectators of that event. There is talk and arguing done on that group’s Facebook event page and so the group members do know and they have been told and have been explained of how wrong it is but they have no interest in any view of right from wrong because they being “Secular Humanists” then that makes them as above any morality consideration, and sadly that is their point and purpose to demonstrate that they can violate the decent standards and violate children and dare anyone to try to stop them.

There are some people who complain by sending letters and emails to the Library but the Library is powerless against that group’s dishonest tricks to get its own way. The acronym for that group “SMASH” is a rather accurate description of their real intentions to smash down anything that gets in their way. It is often said that the County or our Political leaders can not resist or fight these kinds of groups or events because we might loose in Court or that it might go up to the US Supreme Court, but instead we need to have the courage to resist this by every means available and yes take it to the Supreme Court too if need be, because this event is created to abuse young vulnerable children while the adult spectators celebrate their own sexual superiority. All across the USA such groups are attacking American values and our time to respond is running thin.

James P. Cusick Sr.
Hollywood MD.