August 11, 2019

UPDATE from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office: Mr. Knott has been located in Issue,

He’s safe and unharmed.

We thank ALL OF YOU on social media because you led us right to him!

There was simply a little miscommunication between him and his family. ALL IS GOOD!

Thank you again Charles County!

8/11/2019: The Charles County Sheriff’s Office is currently searching for Charles Edward Knott, 70, of Dentsville, who was last seen at 9 a.m., on Saturday, August 10, in the 11000 block of Route 6 in Dentsville riding a camouflage-colored UTV Gator after making a food purchase at Cooksey’s store.

The CCSO began a search in the late evening after family and friends were unable to find him and reported him missing. Officers have established a search command center and are utilizing K9s, drones and ATVs. Knott is 5’07”, 155lbs, and is unshaven. It is not known what type of clothing he is wearing.

According to family members, Knott has partial paralysis to one side of his body related to a stroke and he is forgetful. His home is approximately 1/4 mile from the store off of Route 6.

Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call 9-1-1 or 301-932-2222.