St. Mary’s County Government Operations for Labor Day

August 13, 2019

In observance of Labor Day, Monday, September 2, 2019, St. Mary’s County Government announces the following closures:

  • All administrative offices will be closed.
  • The St. Andrews Landfill and six (6) Convenience Centers will be closed
  • The St. Mary’s Transit System and the Specialized Statewide Transportation Assistance Program (SSTAP) will be closed on Monday, September 2, 2019.
  • The Garvey, Loffler and Northern Senior Activities Centers will be closed Labor Day.
  • All St. Mary’s County Libraries will be closed Monday, September 2, 2019.
  • The Piney Point Lighthouse Museum and St. Clements Island Museum will both be open Monday, September 2, 2019, from 10am – 5pm.
  • All offices and services will operate under normal hours Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

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One Response to St. Mary’s County Government Operations for Labor Day

  1. Anonymous on August 15, 2019 at 5:37 pm

    Did you call them? yes. Did you leave a message? yes. When you call 301-475-4200, afterhours, such as 10 pm, such as 5 am, such as sunday, you expect to get voice-mail, you expect to be able to leave a message. But, what if it only works for you to call/ to talk at 5 am, at 10 pm, on Sunday, how are you supposed to get ahold of anybody? What makes the Commissioners think/ the Courthouse think/ anybody think that if they’re not available when you’re available, that if you’re not available when they’re available, then they’ll be available when you’re available, that you’ll be available when they’re available? Hi, I’m calling you back from St. Marys. I can’t talk right now, goodbye. Well, when you you want me to call you back? Click, dial tone. St Marys should not take this personally, this is a general example.