SMECO Warns Customers About Person Going Door to Door Claiming to be with SMECO

August 23, 2019

From time to time area residents will call or post something on social media about a person coming to their door claiming to be with SMECO.

Sometimes they may say they’re taking a survey, or they might say SMECO is offering a rate reduction. Generally, they ask to see the customer’s SMECO bill. These people are not working for SMECO, and they are not affiliated with SMECO. They are probably working for an alternate supplier who wants to sell energy to the household, and they may be representing one of several companies.

SMECO may have representatives hanging door tags, but the reps do not engage with homeowners about their SMECO bill. Door-to-door salespeople are not working with SMECO. Customers should keep their personal information, such as their SMECO account number, secure and private.

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