Lexington Park Woman Wins $50,000 at McKay’s in Hollywood

September 9, 2019

Lucky Gold Rush X50 scratch-off picked out at store in Hollywood

A woman from Lexington Park plans to keep her $50,000 Maryland Lottery score a secret from everyone but her husband and her mom.

“Because if you don’t,” she said, when claiming her prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, “you get all these friends that you didn’t know about!”

Her $50,000 second-tier win came on a $10 Gold Rush X50 scratch-off picked by her mom.

The lucky winner is an occasional player while her mother plays frequently. The 31-year-old daughter, relying on her mom’s expertise, gave her the money for a scratch-off and asked her to select a lucky instant ticket. Her mom certainly did just that!

“I’ll get her a gift!” the grateful daughter said.

Although they knew the instant ticket was a $50,000 winner, the daughter, her mom and husband had to wait a week to make the trip to Baltimore to claim the prize because of their work schedules. The prize is more than any member of the trio has won previously. The winner plans to pay off some bills with the windfall and make a few bonus purchases on a previously planned vacation. And, on the trip back to St. Mary’s County, the group planned to swing by the Live! Casino at Arundel Mills.

Her mom selected the winning ticket at McKay’s Food & Drug, 23860 Hollywood Road in the St. Mary’s County community of Hollywood.