Friendship Man Steals Fire Truck From Calvert County and Takes it on a Joyride

October 21, 2019
James Michael Rogers, 34, of Friendship

James Michael Rogers, 34, of Friendship

On October 19, 2019,  a deputy from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Park and Ride located at Lower Pindell Road and Southern Maryland Boulevard for a vehicle theft from Calvert that had not been reported yet and was found in Anne Arundel.

The vehicle was a 2005 Pierce Fire Truck, belonging to Cobb Island Fire Department, that had been stolen from a repair shop on North Solomons Island Road, in Huntingtown.

The fire truck was found by a retired PG Fireman and a volunteer fireman in Charles County. He stated he called Charles County dispatch to ask If they were missing a truck and was told it was supposed to be out service for repairs at the Emergency Vehicle Services repair shop. He informed them it was not there and was parked at the above mentioned Park and Ride.

The owner of Emergency Vehicle Services, arrived and stated they have video surveillance of their lot and probably have footage of the vehicle being stolen. Crime Lab responded to the scene for processing of the stolen vehicle. Police made contact with a neighbor that lived by the Park and Ride and they were able to provide Information that the fire truck arrived at the park and ride at approximately 10:30 p.m., and the driver of the fire truck was a white male who was picked up by another white male driving a dark colored pickup truck.

The Chief of Cobb Island Fire Department, arrived at the scene to take possession of the fire truck. Chief Lawman stated the value of the fire truck was approximately $750,000.00.

While at the scene police were contacted by an anonymous source who stated he knew who stole the fire truck. The source stated it was James Michael Rogers, 34, of Friendship.

Police made contact with Rogers at his residence and observed a dark color pickup truck in the driveway just like the neighborhood witness stated they saw at the scene. Police made contact with James Michael Rogers and informed him he was under arrest for stealing the fire truck. His father stated, “What have you done now?”. I asked the father if the dark truck was his and he stated yes. Police told Rogers there was video surveillance where the fire truck was stolen and eyewitness information that saw a dark pickup truck like his father’s leaving the scene were the fire truck was dumped. Rogers said that his father had nothing to do with it and it was all him.

Rogers to was transported to the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office to be interviewed by a detective. Once at the Sheriff’s Office, Rogers gave a statement admitting to taking the fire truck and leaving it at the park and ride.

James Michael Rogers was transported to the Calvert County Detention Center where he was charged with theft over $100,000.00 and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

James Michael Rogers, 34, of Friendship

James Michael Rogers, 34, of Friendship