Juliet Veronica Ross

December 26, 2019

Juliet Veronica Ross, affectionately known as JC, Aunt Jet, Julie and Jule by family and friends, was born on August 18th, 1944 at Litchfield Village West Coast Berbice in Guyana, to deceased parents Clement and Katie Cummings. Juliet was one of twin girls joining the Cummings family on that August day.

Juliet received a full education at Litchfield Primary School and spent her years after school assisting with the care of her 10 siblings; perfecting the art of cooking with roti and curry being one of her

Jule was a hardworking, nurturing woman with a special love for her family. She had three loving children and when she migrated to the United States in February of 1991, her primary goal was to seek a brighter future for herself and her children. She stayed in close contact with the family and continued her nurturing ways, showering her grandchildren with love until God called her home. Her nieces, nephews loved her cooking and as they grew, were always around to enjoy it.

In 2006 Juliet was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease which slowly stole her memories and her ability to effectively communicate with family and friends, but her sweet smile remained. As her disease progressed it stole so many of her memories but her sweet smile never wavered and neither did her love and appreciation for her family.

Juliet loved listening to music and would energetically click her fingers to Bob Marley songs then hum herself hymns until she fell asleep at night.

Juliet will be remembered for her smile, her peaceful approach to life, her caring ways and her wonderful home cooked meals. She definitely enriched the lives of family and friends with her unwavering love and support. Even as her memories faded, she was always concerned about starting the rice pot before her brothers got home along with caring for her doll “baba”, her nurturing nature was on full display until the end.

On December 18th , 2019, Juliet was granted a place in the arms of our Lord and Savior and joined her previously deceased father, mother and brother and nephew in the heavenly estate.

Juliet was a caring and devoted mother, mother-in-law, doting grandmother, wonderful sister and a great friend to many and we will all miss her very much.

Among those mourning Jule’s passing are her children Dionne Cummings, Cloretta Cummings and Althea Rowe, her grandchildren Alyssa and Allie
Cummings, Mya and Marissa Rowe and son-in-law Sheldon Myers. Sisters Claudette Ross, Dr. Loretta Husbands, Yvonne Cummings and Denise Bentick, brothers Clive, Carlton, James, Godfrey and Brian Cummings, sisters-in-law Bernadette, Delores, Kim, Sharon, Carol and Ava along with brothers-in-law
Stephen Ross , Dr. Andrew Husbands and Rudolph Bentick and Uncle Wilfred Semple.

Juliet also leaves a host of nieces, nephews and cousins who loved her dearly, Clive, Duane and Ken Cummings, Stacy Volant, Orlando and Andre Cummings, Amy Ross, Alexis and Louis Husbands, Carlon, Quincy and Shemika Cummings, Loydel Mackle, Loydis, Cleveland and Latoya Cummings, Rayann Best- James, Raylynn Bowie and Denille Cummings, Cousins Professor Wolsey Semple, families from Lichfield including the Semples, Wades, Edwards and Belles.