Bay District Volunteer Fire Department Continues 20 Year Tradition to Visit Chesapeake Shores for Christmas

December 27, 2019

On Christmas Eve, Santa and all of his helpers from Bay District loaded up on apparatus and took a trip to Chesapeake Shores to visit with the residents. Santa came prepared with gift bags full of goodies for ALL. Our first stop was the recreation area where the staff had a large number of the residents gathered waiting for Santa and his “Elves” to arrive. Santa and his Elves visited with the residents and gave them their gift bags (containing a stuffed animal, fruit and sugar free candy) and wished everyone a Merry Christmas. After seeing the residents in the recreation area Santa then visited the rooms of the residents that were unable to be in the recreation area.

Visiting Chesapeake Shores has been a tradition of Bay District for over 20 years, it started with an idea to visit the residents and sing Christmas Carols to them, as some may not have any family to visit them during the holidays. Our members look forward to this activity every year on Christmas Eve and look forward to next year! We would like to thank the staff at Chesapeake Shores for allowing us to come in and share our Christmas with everyone.

For identity purposes we were asked not to show the faces of the residents. If you are family of a resident and believe we have a photo of your loved one, please email us as [email protected] and we will be happy to send you a copy of the photo.