Cedar Point Federal Credit Union Celebrating 75 Years of Service with 75 Acts of Service

January 2, 2020

2020 is an important year for Cedar Point Federal Credit Union. It’s not every year that a credit union turns 75! While Cedar Point spends most of its time looking toward the future, the credit union also believes in reflecting on and learning from its storied past. Originally formed in 1945, Cedar Point Federal Credit Union served local Navy sailors and civil servants who had bravely worked to protect American shores during World War II and beyond. Skipping ahead to 2009, Cedar Point received its community charter and officially opened its doors to residents of Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties.

In 2020, Cedar Point is asking its community for a hand. In celebration of the credit union’s 75th Anniversary, it is launching one of the biggest community projects it’s ever attempted. This year Cedar Point will carry out 75 Acts of Service to honor each of its 75 years. The credit union’s goal is to make a big impact for those who need it most in the communities it serves. Whether that means helping a child learn to read, providing a meal for someone who is hungry, or planting a tree for a local non-profit, the credit union stands ready to lend a hand.

Cedar Point is taking community submissions for this 75th Anniversary project. Community members can visit www.cpfcu.com/75 to submit an idea and read all the updates on the credit union’s progress throughout its year of giving back.

Cedar Point invites you to join us as we celebrate the last 75 years and look forward to a bright future for Cedar Point, our members and our employees.