UPDATE: Public School Worker who was Shuffled from School to School for Years Prior to Arrest Found Guilty of Sex Offense Involving a Child

August 6, 2021
George Andrew Taylor, 34, of Waldorf

George Andrew Taylor, 36, of Waldorf

UPDATE 8/6/2021:  Calvert County State’s Attorney Robert Harvey announced that George Andrew Taylor, 36, of Waldorf, has pleaded guilty to committing a third degree sex offense involving a minor child.

In 2019, the child disclosed to her mother that Taylor, a family friend, had been touching her inappropriately. During a forensic interview, the child also disclosed numerous instances of inappropriate contact that occurred in Charles County. The most recent incident occurred in Calvert on Thanksgiving Day of 2019.

Taylor was charged in both counties.

Sentencing is scheduled for September 27, 2021, in Calvert County Circuit Court.

The Defendant is facing a maximum penalty of 10 years incarceration.

The case is being handled by Assistant State’s Attorney Rebecca Cordero.

UPDATE 1/9/2019: On December 10, 2019, Victim 1, a seven-year old female, disclosed to her mother that an adult male had been sexually abusing her, with the most recent incident happening around Thanksgiving, 2019.

Victim 1 identified her abuser as “George”, George Andrew Taylor, 34, of Waldorf.

Police responded to the Center for Children in La Plata and met with victim’s parents. They spoke with victim 1’s parents and learned that George Taylor is a very close family friend of Victim 1’s father, and someone that he has known since he was young. Taylor has been over their house and stayed with them for multiple nights each month since they have lived at their current house, which has been almost two years. Taylor has a daughter as well, around the same age of their girls, that will also stay the night occasionally. On December 10, 2019, Victim 1’s mother stated she was reading Victim 1 a bedtime story, at which time, she told her that Uncle George had been putting his hand down her pants, and she wanted it to stop. When she questioned Victim 1 about this, she disclosed to her that Uncle George has placed his hand down her pants, on top of her underwear, touching her privates a lot of times at their house. Victim 1 further told her parents that each time this has happened, Taylor will tell her to “Sshhhhh” and “Don’t tell your mommy and daddy”. Victim 1’s parents described Victim 1 as being upset and continuously stating she wants It to stop and doesn’t know why he only does that to her. Victim 1’s mother stated that Victim 1 has recently had to start taking sleep medication and has woken up with nightmares due to this. Victim 1’s mother also stated that one time when Taylor did this, he told Victim 1 he wanted to check to make sure they were strong, which she did not understand. Victim 1’s father stated that sounds directly like something Taylor would say because he is a wrestling coach. Victim 1’s father explained that Taylor will often arrive at his house on a Friday and stay until Sunday, sleeping downstairs on the couch. While there, Taylor is always around his daughter’s and has care and custody of them like a normal family member would.

Police conducted a forensic interview with Victim 1, which was audio and visually recorded. During this interview, Victim 1 disclosed that her Uncle George had been touching her privates and that she wanted It to stop. Victim 1 stated this first started happening when she was six years old, and she is now seven. This occurs when her Uncle George is at her parents’ house and usually occurs either in the living room, or in the basement family room. When no one else is around, Uncle George will reach into her pants, and touch her privates on top of her underwear. Uncle George will tell her “Ssshhh” and don’t tell your mommy or daddy”. He will keep his hand on her private area for a short time before taking it out. When this happens, she has her clothes on as does he. She hasn’t told anyone else about it until now because he told her not to, but she wants it to stop, so she told her mom. She stated this has happened a lot of times and could have happened over ten times up to one hundred times. Victim 1 stated the last time this occurred was at her a relative’s. Victim 1 stated she was sitting on a wooden swing outside of the house near the steps, and that Uncle George came and sat next to her. When he began telling her to come over to him, she thought about screaming because she did not want him to touch her privates anymore, but her Uncle George told her not to tell anyone, at which time he again put his hand down her pants and touched her privates on top of her underwear. All the other incidents took place at her place of residence in Charles County.

During the course of the Investigation, police were informed there was a prior incident last year involving Taylor, when he was under investigation for Inappropriate contact with a Juvenile student while he was a Teacher’s Aide at Calvert Country School, a school for special needs children in Calvert County. Police made contact with the Director of Human Resources for Calvert County Public Schools and informed her that Taylor was under investigation for sexual abuse of a minor, and she informed them they would be placing him on Administrative leave Immediately. They confirmed that Taylor was removed from Calvert Country School in January 2019 based on an allegation of inappropriate contact with a student, involving instant messaging, and at the conclusion of the investigation, he was removed from that school and placed at Barstow Elementary. On December 17, 2019, police requested a subpoena be sent to the Director of Human Resources for the Calvert County Board of Education. On December 19, 2019, police met with the director at the Calvert County Board of Education Building and she provided them the requested documents for George Taylor including his personnel file, along with the documents showing the incident, which had occurred with another student in January, 2019. While reviewing these documents, police found there was a large amount of Facebook direct messages exchanged between Taylor and a juvenile student, whom he taught at school (She will be referred to as Victim 2 from this point on). Victim 2 was a seventeen-year-old female, at the time of the incident. During the course of approximately a week, Taylor and Victim 2 exchanged a large number of direct messages back and forth. In these messages, Taylor and Victim 2 would discuss their personal relationships and other aspects of their everyday lives. Victim 2 confronted Taylor about having intimate feelings for Taylor, which he would respond that he too had had feelings for her. This relationship ended when Victim 2 told other teachers about her messages with Taylor, who was then placed on administrative leave In February of 2019. At the conclusion of the investigation, Taylor was demoted to a Teacher’s Aide, and transferred to Barstow Elementary School. Police later contacted Victim 2 who confirmed she had exchanged Facebook messages with Taylor, and that it ended when she told a teacher about it.

Through the investigation, police found that before Taylor was employed with the Calvert County Public Schools, he was employed with Charles County Public Schools as a Building Services Worker. They subpoenaed his employee file to identify similar past incidents. Police received Taylor’s employee file from when he was employed with the Charles County Public Schools from 2014-2018. In this file, there was a confidential envelope that contained copies of printed out text messages between Taylor and a fourteen-year-old female student (She will be referred to as Victim 3 from this point on). These messages were found to have taken place in April of 2015. It was learned through investigation that Victim 3’s father found her messaging Taylor in April of 2015 and made a complaint with Hanson Middle School, where Taylor worked as a building worker and Victim 3 was a student. Taylor was later transferred to another school in June of 2015. Police contacted Victim 3, and she confirmed she had direct messages with Taylor while she attended John Hanson Middle School in Waldorf. Victim 3 advised these messages took place over the course of approximately two weeks and started when Taylor approached her in school. Victim 3 remembered Taylor being very friendly to her like a friend, and not like an adult who works at the school. Victim 3 further remember Taylor offering to come to her house or to pick her up if she needed somewhere to go, while her parents were going through a custody battle in court.

Police said in court documents that the above Information is vital as It shows a continuous conduct of behavior and actions with juvenile females.

1/7/2019: On January 7, 2020, detectives assigned to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division charged George Andrew Taylor, 34, of Waldorf, with sex abuse of a minor continued course of conduct; sex offense third-degree; sex-offense fourth-degree; and second-degree assault in connection with a sexual child abuse case that was reported in December, 2019.

Taylor, who is known to the victim’s family, is alleged to have assaulted the child in both Charles and Calvert County. During this investigation, detectives learned Taylor was most recently employed by the Calvert County Public Schools. Previously, he was employed as a building worker with the Charles County Public School system between 2014 – 2018. He worked at John Hanson Middle School, T.C. Martin Elementary School, and was a junior varsity wrestling coach at St. Charles High School.

Investigators from Charles County and Calvert County are pursuing information and working to determine whether any criminal activity involving a student occurred while Taylor was employed by either school system. Out of precaution, parents are asked to speak with their children about Taylor and report any activity that could be deemed inappropriate to Detective Bringley at (301) 609-6499.

The investigation is on-going.

George Andrew Taylor, 34, of Waldorf

George Andrew Taylor, 34, of Waldorf