Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Investigating Reports of White Van with “Calvert Wellness” Decals

January 21, 2020

On January 15th, 2020, The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint that two white males in their mid 30’s, operating an older white van with “Calvert Wellness” decals on the side was attempting to call high school aged girls over to their van while they were getting off of the school bus in Prince Frederick.

Deputies have saturated the area and have been present at school bus pick-ups and drop offs in the area of the incident following the complaint with no further sightings of the white van in question or its occupants.

Through social media tips following this incident, it was reported that two white females in a white van were also going door to door in Prince Frederick and they may also be related to this original complaint. Through further investigation, it is believed that these women were acting innocently doing smoke detector testing for a local church and are unrelated to the original incident. There have been no subsequent reports.

Anyone with any further information related to the older white van with “Calvert Wellness” decals on the side of it is asked to contact Det. Josh Buck immediately at (410) 535-2800 ext. 2765 or

Readers of Southern Maryland News Net had reported multiple incidents over the past couple of days, along with sending screenshots of emails sent out by the Calvert County Health System, and CalvertHealth Medical Center.