Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Seeking Identity of Cliff Climbers

January 31, 2020

On Jan. 30, 2020, the Calvert County Sheriff’s Department, Twin Beach Deputies and North Beach Volunteer Fire Department responded to reports of a cliff collapse just south of the Town owned beach, Bayfront Park aka Brownies Beach.

At the time of the report, individuals were searching for fossils past the area that is open to the public, within private property, when a portion of the cliff collapsed. One member of the group was initially not accounted for. A search was initiated, which thankfully resulted in all members of the fossil hunting group confirmed to be safe.

Hours after the initial cliff collapse on January 30, 2020, two juveniles were observed climbing the cliffs in a prohibited area.

Per section 19-96 of the Town Code, it is unlawful for any person to enter these areas and any person violating the provisions shall be guilty of a municipal infraction to include fines. The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the identity of the juveniles pictured.

If you have any information in regards to these individuals, please contact Lt. R. Naughton at Calvert County Sheriff’s Office at (410) 535-2800.

Lastly, we would like to remind citizens to adhere to the signage posted restricting public access to dangerous areas. Collecting and climbing is not allowed from the cliffs themselves, not only to protect the cliffs but because of the very real hazard of cliff collapse.

For more information in regards to town codes and zoning ordinances, visit www.