Mentoring Program Comes to St. Mary’s County Public Schools in February

February 12, 2020

In February, St. Mary’s County Public Schools will host The Listen Up Conversation, a series of presentations for high school students.

The Listen Up Conversation is the true story of teen drug use, and a pivotal event that nearly ended in death. Tiffany L. Johnson and Dunstan L. Msonthi share the raw and real details of a series of events that began with high school drug use which led to a home invasion and a nearly fatal shooting but culminated in a redemptive story that must be heard. The goal of this presentation is to inspire, motivate, and encourage students to make educated choices.

During the presentation, The Listen Up Conversation will offer students an opportunity to participate in a reflection guide. This guide allows students to think about what they saw and heard during the presentation and to reflect on things that they might be going through in their daily lives. These self-reflections are intended to serve as catalysts for awareness and positive change.

The presentations will take place during regular school hours at each of the following schools:

  • Feb. 18: Leonardtown High School
  • Feb. 20: Great Mills High School
  • Feb. 26: Fairlead 1 Academy & Fairlead 11 Academy
  • Feb. 27: Chopticon High School

For more information or to request an interview, please visit our website at or call 571-414-7961