Maryland Sees 249 New Confirmed Cases and Three Deaths of COVID-19 Overnight

March 31, 2020

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

  • Number of Confirmed Cases: 1661 – 249 increase overnight.
  • Number of negative test results: 14,868 – 1,552 Negative tests since Monday
  • Number of Deaths: 18 – 3 overnight
  • Hospitalizations: 429 ever hospitalized – 76 more than Monday
  • Released From Isolation: 53 – 10 more from Monday

Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C., are reporting 3,411 cases, with 1,661 cases in Maryland, 1,251 in Virginia and 499 in the District.

  • St. Mary’s County is currently at 16 cases (map says 15), and zero deaths
  • Calvert County is currently at 15 cases, and zero deaths.
  • Charles County is currently at 40 cases, with one confirmed death.

The Maryland Department of Health and St. Mary’s County Health Department officials are reporting different numbers at this time, St. Mary’s County is showing 16 positive cases. The St. Mary’s County Health Department issued a press release on Monday, March 30, 2020,reporting they will no longer be issuing press releases announcing individual cases. The local case count will be still be updated daily.

Charles County Government/Health Department is not releasing any information like Calvert, St. Mary’s or Prince George’s County, and have since let Southern Maryland News Net know they are doing daily video updates on the Charles County Government YouTube page.