Lexington Park Man Arrested After Assaulting His Child, Mother of His Child, and Police

April 10, 2020

Conrad Olander Robinson

On March 11, 2020, at 10:22 a.m., police responded to the 26000 block of Liberty Street in Lexington Park, for the report of a domestic disturbance.

Dispatchers advised that the male subject in this incident had a confirmed arrest warrant through the Maryland State Police for failure to appear.

When Officers arrived on the scene, police contacted the female victim who was sitting in her vehicle outside of the residence with her and the suspects son.

The victim stated she was feeding her son this morning when her live-in boyfriend Conrad Olander Robinson started to argue with her, the victim stated she continued to try to feed her son while Robinson continued to argue with her and then chest bumped her causing her to fall off balance. The victim then became upset and started to yell at Robinson, who began throwing items around the house and proceed to throw a kitchen table chair at the victim while she was holding the child, she was able to move out of the way in time prior to being struck, and she picked up her purse to leave the apartment when Robinson ripped it out of her grasp and started emptying the contents of the bag and attempted to take away her vehicles key.

The victim was able to retrieve her vehicles keys and flee the residence with her son and entered her vehicle with her son locked themselves in the vehicle and called 911.

Officers finished taking statements from the victim and knocked on the door to the residence, which was locked, Robinson came to the window stating he was not going to come outside and if I wanted to talk to him, I could talk through the window. Police advised that l needed to speak with him face to face and he needed to step outside. Officers could hear the defendant moving items in front of the door to barricade himself in. Robinson then continued to state he was not going to exit the residence and he would only speak through a window, Robinson then stated if police entered his residence there would be a struggle

Police advised him of his active arrest warrant and after a brief discussion, he agreed to exit his residence and once Robinson walked down the stairs from his residence, Deputies approached and a attempted to take him into custody for the arrest warrant, Robinson fled on foot but stopped near the intersection of Pacific Drive and Primrose Willow Lane due to an Officer displaying his taser.

As deputies tried to place Robinson in handcuffs he actively resisted and pulled away. He was placed in handcuffs after a brief struggle. while the defendant was resisting being placed into custody, Corporal Ruest’s body worn camera was broken, the approximate value of the body camera is $500.00. After being taken into custody, Robinson displayed no visible signs of injury but complained of pain and demanded an ambulance. while waiting roadside for the ambulance, the defendant became unruly and began yelling loudly and cursing, he was given numerous orders to stop yelling and lower his voice so he wouldn’t disturb the surrounding residential neighborhood but refused to comply, he continued to yell after Emergency medical services arrived and would not cooperate with medical treatment. After refusing all treatment and continuing to be unruly, he was ultimately carried to a patrol vehicle due to Robinson refusing to walk, and once he approached my vehicle, he forcefully kicked the back-passenger side door closed.

Once he was placed in the back seat of the patrol vehicle, he kicked Corporal Ruest and Sergeant Raddatz who was trying to secure him into the vehicle, and once in the vehicle, Robinson demanded to let out and then attempted to break the right passenger side window by forcefully kicking it due to Officers not complying with his demands. The suspect left visible shoe prints on the window and kicked the inside door panel several times leaving a visible shoe print on it.

Officers transported Robinson to an area hospital to have him examined, and once arrived at the hospital the suspect refused to get out of my vehicle, he had to be pulled out of the vehicle by three deputies and placed into a hospital chair, he continued to be uncooperative and rude to hospital staff who were a attempting to provide medical care.

He then began loudly yelling that he was going to make a scene at the hospital, and he wanted to be taken to jail, he was ordered to stop yelling due to the fact he was in a hospital’s emergency room full of other patients and failed to stop and continued to yell and then became louder after deputies closed the door to his hospital room.

Conrad Olander Robinson was then transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center and charged with the following.

  • MAL DEST PROP/VALU < $1,000 x2

Conrad Olander Robinson