Charles County Paramedic That Went Viral Singing Garth Brooks at Firehouse, Releases Statement Reporting He Has Been Diagnosed with COVID-19

April 27, 2020

Charlie recently announced he has tested positive for COVID-19, and as of Monday, April 27, 2020, he is currently in day 8 of his quarantine, he released the following statement on Facebook earlier this week.

“So, I debated on whether or not to post this on here but if it helps anyone than it’s worth it. I am a Paramedic and I have Covid 19. I tested positive on April 19.

I hear people saying “open Maryland” or “open the country”. I just started this freaking battle. It sucks. We are seeing a rise where I live, not a decline in cases. I once met this 90 plus year old man who owned an Italian restaurant in west palm beach Florida and he seemed to be so wise I asked him, “what is the secret to a long happy life?” He said,”take your time”. Time goes by too fast as it is. I know we are all struggling one way or another right now but dammit let’s not rush this and regret it later.

As far as this evil freaking low down dirty virus goes, YOU DO NOT want to get it!!! I have four children and 2 soon to be step children. I CAN NOT SEE MY KIDS!!! Let that sink in. Some of you may joke and say “hey sounds like a vacation”. Not me. This sucks. I am stuck in my bedroom wearing an N95, if I have to leave the room for anything. My stepdaughter is staying in her room, my saint of a fiancé Julie is taking care of everything here at home. My 4 children had to leave and go to live with their mother right now for god knows how long, and that is a blessing because I want my children to stay well, but a curse because I want to hold them, and play with them, and lay in bed with them to read them a story. I want to fly kites, raise the baby chicks together with my sweet daughters, garden together, get beat in super smash bros by my 5 year old. I want to help my 14 year old set up his first computer. I will get to do all of this believe me I will beat this thing but that’s all on hold because of Covid 19.

Stay home stay home stay home!!!

Anyone who knows me knows I love music, and I would post a song now for you guys but I am not breathing all that well and if I try to sing I cough. It’s funny I just posted this video as things really started heating up at work and I explained why I chose to play the dance. This is not a sad song, this song has so many meanings. We will get through this “dance” together. I love my career choice and wouldn’t change a thing. I love the people I work with. I love the community I serve and I love my family so much. This is for all of you.”

Charlies video of him singing and playing guitar at the firehouse has been shared over 500 times, with over 12,000 views! He posted the video on March 29, with the following statement.

“As I’m sitting here at the Station away from my family I am feeling really sentimental. These uncertain times are scary. What we are experiencing right now will be taught in schools 100 years from now. All of my brothers and sisters signed up to do the job we love and I know the vast majority of us couldn’t imagine doing anything else. It’s been HEAVY out here lately. Really stinking Heavy. We are here 24/7, 365 answering the call. It’s stressful knowing that what used to be a simple fever or trouble breathing call now requires a tyvek suit and full breathing protection, either Scott mask or n95. I decided to pick up the old guitar again and de stress a bit. I haven’t sang Garth Brooks in years but this song just seemed fitting. ”

Check out the video below!