Large Response to “Pizza Pick Up Special” at Nicolletti’s Pizza in California Backs up Traffic on Three Notch Road for Hours

April 29, 2020
When Nicolletti’s Pizza on Three Notch Road, in California wanted to thank everyone who had supported them and every other small business through these difficult times. The decided they would make dinner a “little more affordable and easier” for everyone. So on Tuesday, April 28th, they hosted a drive through pizza pick up. It was simple, they would only be doing Large 16 inch pizzas for $10 which includes tax, and every pizza will be half pepperoni and half cheese. No substitutions. No requests. Thy wouldn’t  be selling anything else on their menu from 4pm to 8pm that night. Thy also wouldn’t be taking pre-orders, phone orders or online orders during this time to make everything as smooth as possible. Lastly, they were no taking credit cards, and all orders were to be paid in cash with exact change. So if you want 1 pizza it is $10 cash even. 2 pizzas $20 cash even.  The idea was simple, the customer would pull up in front of Nicolletti’s building facing ABC liquor store. Stay in their car and an employee would come to you and take your order.

The Demand for the Pizzas was far beyond what anyone could have imagined,  just take a look at the video below.

The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office alerted the public via the Nixle System, and texted the following:

There is heavy traffic congestion on southbound Route 235 in the far right lane from Old Rolling Road to Nicolletti’s Pizza.

Ryan and Bruce from Nicolletti’s posted the following message on their Facebook page:

We can not thank all of you enough who came out last night and supported us. At a time when 44% of restaurants in the nation are temporarily closed, 11% of those will never reopen and the average restaurant is down 60-80% in sales we are beyond grateful for your loyal support. It means the world to everyone here at Nicolletti’s.

Thank you so much for your patience and great attitudes last night during our drive up pizza night. We thought we would have a line but never thought it would be that long let alone a 2 hour line.

We could not have done this without two amazing employees Patrick and Angel for standing in the parking lot for 5 hours directing traffic even in the rain. These two guys are beyond awesome! Our kitchen crew were rock stars hand spinning, making and cooking 250 pizzas an hour for almost 5 hours straight.

We made the decision to use an oven we do not normally use to help speed up the line and we thought we had it right but it looks likes that was the wrong move and some pizzas had the bottoms burned. If you happened to get one of these please send us a message so we can make it right for you. We are terribly sorry to have to wait in line and get one of these.

Thank you to everyone who came out last night and to everyone that comes out every week to support us!

Thank you
Ryan and Bruce