Police in St. Mary’s, Calvert, and Charles County Warn Against Theft of Political Signs

October 30, 2020

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office has been made aware of the theft and vandalism of political signs from lawns and private property.

All residents are reminded that removing, altering, or tampering with political signage is a crime.

Anyone seen taking a sign without permission could be subject to criminal charges to include theft, trespassing and/or destruction of property. A conviction for unlawful removal of signs carries up to a $500 fine and 90 days incarceration.

Police encourages all residents to be respectful of others political views, opinions, and personal property.

For Charles County residents, CCSO urges citizens to call 911 in an emergency. To report a crime that is not in progress or to report suspicious activity, you can call the following numbers below, or report crimes in person at any district station in the county.

  • 301-932-2222 in La Plata
  • 301-743-2222 in Indian Head
  • 301-932-7777 in Waldorf.