Sheriff’s Office Recognizes Employees for Excellence in 2019

March 15, 2021

The men and women of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office continued to serve the community at professional levels of excellence in 2019. Unfortunately, COVID19 restrictions first postponed and then cancelled our annual awards banquet in 2020 to recognize those deputies, corrections officers and civilians.

The Sheriff’s Office now belatedly, but proudly, presents to the community those award recipients for 2019.

Deputy of the Year:

Deputy Michael Graves:  Deputy Graves is not only a hardworking policeman, but he has solid common sense, is dependable and never hesitates to take on more complicated assignments. He interacts well with everyone, always has a positive attitude and willingness to help others. Deputy Graves is a tremendous asset to this agency.

Correctional Officer of the Year:

Two-way tie for CFC Brianna Edelen and Sgt. Jeffrey Knight. In 2019, CO Edelen disrupted a tattoo operation within the adult detention center. Her attention to detail prevented major medical issues and potential injury to staff. Sgt. Knight carries an extremely taxing and difficult workload, overseeing a variety of duties successfully and within deadlines.

Civilian Employee of the Year: 

Frances Gunn, Senior Administrative Coordinator for the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center, was named as the Civilian Employee of the Year for 2019 as she is recognized by the entire Corrections Division on all levels and they remark how much they appreciate her work ethic and professionalism.

Rookie of the Year:

Two-way tie for Deputy Benjamin Luffey and Correctional Officer Brian Popielski.

Deputy Luffey maintains a positive attitude and professional demeanor, portrayed through his uniform appearance and interactions with citizens, coworkers and supervisors. He doesn’t hesitate to respond to calls or assist other officers.

In 2019, CO Popielski demonstrated great communication skills, developed a professional rapport with both staff and inmates and consistently displays an impeccable level of command presence, earning the respect of those he comes in contact with.

Sgt. “Rollin” Nolan Scully Memorial NCO Award:

Sgt. Sarah Smith was selected as she was assigned in 2019 to three different primary jobs within the agency — administrative sergeant in the Patrol Division, team leader of the Critical Incident Negotiations Team and acting shift commander for Patrol Squad 1A, in addition to a myriad of other responsibilities in which she excelled.

Bronze Medal of Valor:

Cpl. Brian Connelly for his bravery, tactics and initiative in arresting a violent subject in February 2019

Maryland Sheriffs Association Deputy of the Year for Contributions to Profession:

Cpl. Anthony Whipkey, named by the Maryland Sheriffs Association for his work in improved identification of narcotics and ensuring a seamless transaction of narcotics cases from the Sheriff’s Office to the State’s Attorneys Office.

Meritorious Action: 

Cpl. Lacey Smith for her response along with K9 Brix in tracking an armed suspect for 45 minutes through four neighborhoods and assisting in the arrest of another armed suspect.

Cpl. Mickey Adkins and CFC Melissa Dodson for their prompt application of first aid during a potentially fatal situation which resulted in saving a woman’s life.

Cpl. Austin Schultz, Cpl. Anthony Whipkey and Cpl. Scott Ruest for their efforts resulting in saving the life of an armed woman in crisis.

Life Saving: 

Deputy Joseph Bowling

Sgt. Patrick Britt and Cpl. Ryan Goodwin

Distinguished Service: 

Cpl. Mark Howard, a veteran of more than 32 years in law enforcement, for his narcotics investigations initiated, assumed and completed considered to be unsurpassed in their complexity, depth and danger.

Meritorious Service:

Deputy Jack Curtis for his significant impact on the efficiency and accountability of evictions procedural methods.

Team Award:

The Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards Audit Team for their efforts resulting in another 100 percent compliance result for the St. Mary’s County Detention and Rehabilitation Center. Team members were CO William Baker, Capt. Richard Gray, Lt. Christiana King, Sgt. Jeffrey Knight, Amy Mayor, CO Saraha Norris, Lt. Bonnie Payne, Capt. Michael Pilkerton and Rhonda Wathen.

Marksman Award:

Deputy Latisha Baker, DFC Carl Ball, Sgt. Michael Boyer, Sgt. Patrick Britt, Sheriff Tim Cameron, Cpl. Angela Delozier, Deputy Austin Edelen, DFC Brian Fennessey, Deputy Warren Forinash, Cpl. Jason Graves, Lt. George Hayden, CFC Rainer Hersh, Cpl. Joshua Krum, DFC David Lawrence, Sgt. Shawn Moses, Cpl. William Ray, Lt. Richard Russell, Lt. Robert Russell, Sgt. Clay Safford, Cpl. Vincent Shontere, DFC Dale Smith, DFC Jason Smith, Lt. Russ Trow, Cpl. Timothy Wesner, Deputy Tyler Westphal, Capt. Edward Willenborg and Cpl. Michael Worrey

Service Awards:

40 years: Jeffrey McLane and Deborah Zylak

35 years: Major Michael Merican

30 years: Crystal Hayden, Cpl. Andrew Holton, Jeffrey Kreps, CO Louis Mileto, Deputy Dung Ross, Julian Schwab and Mary Ann Thompson

25 years: Sgt. Cara Grumbles, Capt. Steven Hall and Leann Quade

20 years: Cpl. Patrick Handy, Douglas Harris, Sgt. Thomas Hedderich, Sgt. Robert Merritt, Cpl. William Ray and Sgt. Clay Safford

15 years: Margaret Baroniak, Cpl. Shaun Carberry, CFC Daniel Catlett, Cpl. Angela Delozier, Kathy Kreps, Sgt. Shawn Moses, Deputy Nino Palermo, Sgt. Sarah Smith, Cpl. Anthony Whipkey and Cpl. Timothy White.

Sheriff’s Salute: 

Cpl. Micky Adkins, DFC Carl Ball, Margaret Beall-Windsor, CO Kaitlyn Bobkoskie, Cpl. Sebije Boyd, Sgt. Michael Boyer, Sgt. Patrick Britt, Cheryl Chalk, Cpl. Brian Connelly, Cpl. David Corcoran, Kelly Crosby, Laura DeNeale, CO Brianna Edelen, Deputy Courtney Edwards, Sgt. Cory Ellis, Deputy John Fenwick, Sgt. Todd Fleenor, Sgt. Brian Gillingham, Cpl. Jason Graves, William Gray, Frances Gunn, Cpl. Patrick Handy, Deputy Dianne Hersh, DFC Daniel Holdsworth, Jodi Irwin, Lt. Christiana King, Cpl. Glenn Knott, Jeffrey Kreps, Michael Licausi, Deputy Matt McDonough, CO Monica Moncivais-Romero, CO Alexander Mueller, Cpl. Kristi Nelson, Cpl. Elizabeth O’Connor, James O’Neill, Lt. Bonnie Payne, Cpl. Vincent Pontorno, CO Brandon Reynolds, CO Jonathan Rosado, Cpl. Scott Ruest, Deputy Bianca Salas, Deputy Shawn Shelko, Cpl. Vincent Shontere, DFC Dale Smith, June Smith, Deputy Thomas Snyder, Cpl. Timothy Snyder, Ernie Stephens, Glenda Thompson, Cpl. Sheena Tirpak, Deputy Edward Vogt, Cpl. Timothy Wesner, Cpl. Michael Worrey and CFC Earl Young


DFC Carl Ball, Cpl. Brian Connelly, Kelly Crosby, Cpl. Ryan Goodwin, Stacey Hancock, Cpl. Luis Ramos Dompenciel, Cpl. William Rishel, Cpl. Scott Ruest, Eric Virts and Deputy Tyler Westphal

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