Cherry Hill Park Celebrates 100 Years of Camping

March 23, 2021

Campground Outside Washington, DC Has Been a Family Business Since 1921

This year, Cherry Hill Park, a top-rated campground serving the Washington, DC, region, is celebrating 100 years of camping and 5 generations of family ownership with special offers, activities, events, gifts, and more.

In 1921, Jacob & Rose Gurevich founded Cherry Hill Poultry Farm, where the family’s first campers set up tents behind the farm’s general store and pumped well water. The business has evolved over time, hosting GIs in temporary housing after WW2 and becoming tourism-centric as the interstate highway system grew. The campground is currently owned by Mike Gurevich, Jacob’s great-grandson, and his wife, Linda. Their children are involved in management and are interested in continuing the family business into its 5th generation.

“You learn a lot growing up on a campground,” says Mike Gurevich. “We hold true today to the values we’ve always had – good hospitality and friendly service don’t go out of style. We pride ourselves on providing each guest that visits us with the best camping and tourism experience in the region.”

All year long throughout 2021, Cherry Hill Park will be celebrating its anniversary with:
• Special Offers: The campground will be running special offers throughout the year and presenting a lucky few guests with surprise gifts.
• Time Capsule: This fall, the park will bury a time capsule with submissions from guests and staff that captures the essence of camping in 2021.
• Retro Toys: Guests will be able to play with wooden tops, yoyos, jacks, and other 1920’s toys.
• Selfie Station: A selfie station will give guests an opportunity to win free stays via a photo competition.
• & More: The campground will feature unique displays and limited edition merchandise.