Maryland State Police Aviation Awards James Anton with ‘Technician of the Year

April 6, 2021

The statewide 2020 ‘Technician of the Year’ award was presented to Mr. James Anton by Major Tagliaferri, MSPAC Commander, and Deputy Director Mr. Lance Wood. Mr. Anton, assigned to the Aviation Maintenance Command Headquarters, began his career with the Maryland State Police in September of 2008 following several years of assembling satellites for Orbital Sciences Corporation.

Mr. Anton is recognized for his outstanding professionalism as a maintenance technician. He consistently demonstrates his dedication and professionalism to the mission by quickly mitigating problems as they arise and by prioritizing maintenance evolutions for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Mr. Anton’s motto, “Get the job done”, is always at the forefront when any maintenance task is in need of completion. Mr. Anton always provides exceptional maintenance support to our transient section aircraft throughout the state in order to ensure the aircraft a quick return to service. Mr. Anton always displays a superb work attitude and is an invaluable asset to our maintenance team. Mr. Anton’s outstanding service and dedication reflects greatly upon himself and the Maryland State Police.