Corporal Justin Davis Named Charles County Detention Center 2020 Correctional Officer of the Year

April 16, 2021

Charles County Detention Center Director Brandon Foster, along with Sheriff Troy Berry and members of the CCSO and CCDC Command Staff, are proud to announce that Corrections Corporal Justin Davis has been named the 2020 Correctional Officer of the Year.

Cpl. Davis was nominated for Officer of the Year by his supervisor, Sergeant Matthew Kline, for his tireless efforts in planning, coordinating, and overseeing many long-term projects and improvements to the Charles County Detention Center facilities. Sgt. Kline said of Cpl. Davis, “his ability to recognize a problem, evaluate it, and come up with a solution has proven beneficial in Security Maintenance for years, but these abilities have truly been invaluable in 2020.”

The projects overseen by Cpl. Davis included an expansion of the Intake area, replacing the floor and appliances in the kitchen, upgrading the camera system, mezzanine fencing, upgrading wireless access points, District 1 renovations, energy efficient plumbing and electrical upgrades, and a new roof on the Detention Center and Annex.

Many different companies and groups were involved with different aspects of these projects, and Cpl. Davis served as a primary contact for them. Coordinating efforts, providing information about existing conditions of the Detention Center, and maintaining security while contractors came through the building were just some of Cpl. Davis’ responsibilities in this role, and much of this was done while restrictions were in place to minimize risks of COVID exposure. Even when Cpl. Davis was away from the Detention Center, he maintained communication with the rest of his unit and outside contractors, attended video conference meetings, and answered questions through phone calls and e-mails.

As part of a new tradition, Cpl. Davis was presented with the American flag that flew in front of the Detention Center during 2020.

“Corporal Davis’ dedication and commitment to these projects directly contributed to their success and saved thousands of dollars in taxpayer money,” said Director Brandon Foster. “He is highly deserving of this recognition.”

“Corporal Davis’ dedication represents the values of CCSO PRIDE: professionalism, respect, integrity, duty, and excellence,” said Sheriff Berry. “We are proud to honor him as the 2020 Correctional Officer of the Year.”