Local Author, Meredith Johnson, Announces the Publication of Her Children’s Book – Just Momma

April 22, 2021

Local author, Meredith Johnson, announces the publication of her children’s book Just Momma. Meredith is a self-published children’s author who loves to encourage kids to use their imaginations. In this vividly imaginative book, she does just that.

Just Momma is the story of two brothers named Ethan and Tyler who love to pretend. By putting on their favorite costumes and using their amazing imaginations, they are instantly transported to other places and become different people. One morning, their Momma asks if she can join in. As firefighters, superheroes, Vikings, pirates, and Samurai, Ethan, Tyler, and their Momma find adventure and challenges along the way. They discover that through the power of imagination they can learn to be brave and overcome any situation when they work together. In the end, the boys find out they love her most when she’s just Momma.

This phenomenal children’s fantasy story will have families snuggling up together for a bedtime story. And that’s just what Meredith hoped for when she wrote Just Momma. She is passionate about families reading together and having quality time with a good book. She says, “It’s amazing how much a book can open up a child’s world. And when they read with their parents, it becomes even more magical and special.” Adding to the magic of Just Momma are the beautiful illustrations created by local artist Ellisa DiRenzo. Her pictures really take the reader into the story and illuminate the places Momma and her boy’s visit. The illustrations will make the reader will feel transported to each adventure in the story.

Meredith’s inspiration for Just Momma came from her own two boys and the imaginative games they play together. “We will often dig into our own costume bin and see what kind of adventures we can find,” Meredith says. “It’s always fun to see what they come up with.”

Ethan, Tyler, and their Momma remind young readers how brave they can be in any situation, along with the importance of teamwork. Meredith hopes this is something kids will take away from her story after reading it.

Just Momma is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, bookshop.org, and locally through The White Rabbit bookstore in California, MD. You can follow Meredith through her social media accounts.


Instagram: @meredithjwrites

You can also visit her website: www.meredith-johnson.com