Gentle Hands Wildlife Services Rescue Osprey in St. Mary’s County

May 5, 2021

Gentle Hands Wildlife Services Posted the following information about an osprey rescue on their Facebook page.

The post stated the osprey that was hanging upside down from the tree tangled in fishing line last night has been safely rescued.

The final stages of the rescue operation took place first thing this morning (5/5/2021).

Tri-County Tree Service owner Brad and his climber Dan with coordination from his awesome secretary Rebecca Hyche took pride in the safe recovery of the Osprey. After a quick assessment of the situation at hand a plan was developed to climb the tree and remove 3 limbs. The first to go was the lower limb below the osprey. Second the one above. Then after tying off the limb the osprey was entangled on it was cut and slowly lowered to the ground where Brad and Michael Dufour were waiting. Chris Dufour was taking pictures of the operation while being overseen by Department of Natural Resources.

Once the osprey was down it was untangled from the fishing line, and a fishing lure was removed from its leg. It was then brought back to our facility for a check up. Anti inflammatory meds were given for the swollen leg. It was then tucked in a pen and fed. A vet visit will done tomorrow for a more detailed exam.

Thank you everyone that helped or offered to help.