VIDEO: New Hickory Hills Water Storage Tower in St. Mary’s County Takes Shape

June 9, 2021

The Metropolitan Commission is pleased to announce that the new 275 foot tall, 2 million gallon water tank is now in place with final painting and coating underway.

A time-lapse videos of the construction and the recent elevation of the bowl on the structure can be seen below.

With the overhead construction work completed, the site will now be safe for the commencement of well drilling operations. This next phase of the project will include the replacement of the original well built in 1992. The new deep well will be capable of delivering water at a rate of approximately 700 gallon per minute.

MetCom Executive Director George Erichsen states “The 500,000 gallon water tower currently in use cannot be removed and taken out of service until the new elevated storage tank is tested and fully operational. We expect that the existing water tower will be demobilized and removed by the end of the calendar year.  The final punch-list on the project should be completed in January, 2022.”’

This project will help stabilize water system pressures throughout Lexington Park and improve water storage deficiencies to meet the current water demands of the community.

Currently MetCom operates 17 elevated water storage towers, 37 ground storage towers, and 28 water supply and distribution systems throughout the county, including 67 wells supplying approximately 1.4 billion gallons of water annually.  To learn more about our planned projects, visit and select Capital Improvement Projects under the Engineering tab.