The Town of Chesapeake Beach Cancels Fireworks Display

June 29, 2021

The Town of Chesapeake Beach fireworks display is uniquely situated within boating patterns that require U.S Coast Guard safety zone regulation and permitting, a legislative process that takes 135 days to complete.

Considering the capacity restrictions in place at the time of the decision, and with the knowledge that the display attracts approximately 4,000 out of Town guests, the 2021 display was not considered to be feasible to take place for Independence Day.

Additionally, based on the size of the Town’s fireworks display, a clearance of 560-ft is required in all (4) four directions to all dwellings, parked cars and habitable building, eliminating contingency planning at other locations that do not require U.S Coast Guard permitting, to hold the display.

The Town Council looks forward to exploring other dates to hold the fireworks display and is currently considering a Fall 2021 date that coincides with the annual “Taste the Beaches” event.

The Town Council looks forward to celebrating with you and your family with a festive display at the appropriate time. Stay tuned for more details at