Maryland State Police Warn Citizens of Fraud Scheme Using State Police Barrack Phone Number

July 10, 2021

The Maryland State Police at the JFK Highway Barrack are issuing a warning about a fraud scheme being run today in which the caller is using the barrack phone number and telling people they are wanted on a warrant, but could avoid arrest if the provided money or gift cards.

Troopers at the JFK Highway Barrack in Cecil County have received more than 15 calls from individuals, in Maryland and out of state, who said they had just received a call from the barrack phone number.

They said the caller identified himself as being from law enforcement and told them there was a warrant for their arrest. The caller went on to explain that if they provided money and/or gift card information, they could avoid arrest.

Citizens are reminded that no one acting lawfully in any law enforcement agency would call and offer a chance to avoid arrest in exchange for money or gift cards.  This continues to be a common fraud scheme used in Maryland and throughout the country. Persons receiving such calls are encouraged to hang up immediately and report the call to their nearest police department.