Wild Birds Unlimited of La Plata Receives Prestigious Recognition

July 13, 2021

Barbara and Chip Whipkey, owners of the local Wild Birds Unlimited, were recognized at the company’s annual Enterprise Leadership Conference for their hard work with the Highest Flying Fledgling award. This award recognizes new franchise store owners with the highest sales volume during their first full year of business.

“We are truly honored to receive this recognition,” said Barbara. “We have brought together an incredibly talented and hard working group of people to form our team of bird feeding specialist who helped us win this award. We are so thrilled to have our daughter, Mandie, working with us and leading the team as Store Manager.”

Barbara and Chip opened the La Plata store in September of 2019. While faced with various obstacles, including opening during a pandemic, the couple exceeded new store sales volume goals by more than 50%. This is the Whipkey’s second store; their first is in Lexington Park, MD, opened in 2015.

Barbara and Chip both served in the Marine Corp and feel their Marine Corp training helped guide them in their ability to successfully lead their team. Barbara has always had the entrepreneur spirit. Barbara first opened a pet sitting business when they moved to Southern Maryland in 2003, which she later sold.

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