Intoxicated Lusby Woman Arrested After Assaulting Children

August 25, 2021
Heather Crystal Lane, 35, of  Lusby

Heather Crystal Lane, 35, of  Lusby

On Sunday, August 15, 2021, police responded to the area of Comanche Road and Alamo Trail in Lusby, for the reported intoxicated female screaming at children.

The Calvert County 911 Control Center advised callers reported the intoxicated female was bleeding and tipping over her baby stroller while her infant was seated inside of it. The 911 caller also advised the woman was being followed by the children and believed they were in a physical fight and possibly will be again.

According to court documents. Deputies from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office arrived on Hickok Trail to find the adult female bleeding from the mouth with a large scratch to her back. Police identified her as Heather Crystal Lane, 35, of Lusby.

Lane was found sitting on the front steps of a neighbors porch, with the homeowners advising they did not know why she was there.

Deputy First Class Shrawder observed the black baby stroller and found a young male child seated inside, the child was approximately 3 years-old. The infant appeared to be asleep and was not responding to the officers attempt to the wake the child. Deputies observed a large red scratch on the child’s neck and located four Natural Light Strawberry Lemonade Alcoholic beverages sitting in the baby stroller surrounding the child.

Emergency medical personnel was requested to the scene due to the child being unresponsive, and Lane bleeding from her injuries.

When asked how Lane received her injuries, she pointed to a man walking down Hickok Trail. When contact was made with the man, he was identified and told deputies Lane was walking around the neighborhood screaming profanities and cursing at his 14-year-old daughter. He also reported Lane assaulted his daughter and several other juveniles riding their bicycles in the area.

Police then made contact with the two teenagers. We will refer to the one victim as E, and the second victim as Z. Both are 14-year-old females.

As deputies first made contact with Z, they observed her upper lip was swollen. Z advised the altercation with Lane first occurred when Lane approached them and attempted to take Z’s dog. Lane then swung and struck Z in the face, who then struck Lane back. Another juvenile confirmed what Z stated with Lane striking the child first.

While speaking to the victims, several other juveniles approached on bicycles and advised Lane was walking around the neighborhood screaming and cussing at them. One of the juveniles caught some of the incident on video.

The incident started when Lane approached the children and began touching them, video showed Lane having one hand on a young males back when she began “shaking her butt for the camera”. The juvenile in question stated when Lane touched him, he just froze because he didn’t know what to do. The video also captured the incident between Lane and E.

Emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene and provided medical attention to Lane and her infant child. Family members of Lane responded to the scene and took custody of the child after the medical evaluation. The family members took the child into their residence and shortly after, Lane began yelling towards the area where the juveniles were standing because she observed a man holding a child, which Lane believed was her own child. When deputies stated it was not her child and assured her it wasn’t, she continued to yell and became disorderly. Multiple neighbors came outside to watch due to her screaming.

When Lane calmed down, Deputies asked if she would submit a (PBT) Preliminary Breath Tests to determine how much alcohol she consumed. Deputies stated they detected a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emitting from Lanes breath during the entire conversation with her. Heather’s PBT was 0.21.

Deputies asked Lane multiple times about what occurred, however, most of her story was illogical and didn’t make much sense.

At first, Lane advised the incident started because the juveniles were not supposed to be riding their bicycles. After that, Lane stated the fight started because the juveniles had a problem with her, which is why some girl named Samantha punched Lane in the face. Officers confirmed no one named Samantha was on the scene. Lane then changed her story again and stated she never even got into a fight with anybody. Her story about the incident changed every time deputies asked, and when asked about how her infant son received his injury to his neck, she advised he received it when she yanked him up to try to get him out of the way of the altercation.

The entire interaction between police, Lane and the victims were recorded on bodycam footage, with the case being forwarded to the Criminal Investigations Bureau and Child Protective Services.

Lane was placed under arrested for the following.


Heather Crystal Lane, 35, of  Lusby

Heather Crystal Lane, 35, of  Lusby