Officials Trying to Trap an Alligator Reported in St. Mary’s County

August 24, 2021

SMNEWSNET.COM was recently shown a video of an alligator, the video was reported to have been recorded in St. Mary’s County.

We spoke to a resident who lived on the lake the alligator was reported to be living in and he said he has not seen it recently, but had seen it last year.

SMNEWSNET.COM obtained an email confirming that the county is actively trying to trap the animal, and they plan to send it to Florida if captured.

At this time we are not releasing the exact location of where the “small body of water” is located in St. Mary’s County where the alligator is at.

Steve Walker, Director  of St. Mary’s County Government Department of Emergency Services sent the following email to other county employees concerning the alligator in St. Mary’s County:

We have begun a plan of action for trapping this Alligator. Emergency Services is in a support role to the local Wildilfe organization, who will be organizing trapping with his contractors. He will be obtaining all necessary permits to have the animal transferred to Florida. He is reaching out to all the homes that border the small body of water to inform them of our plan.

Traps are being fabricated out of 24 inch corrugated pipes (thank you to DP&T – Rick Tarr). The contract trappers will place the traps at the location and then check them several times a day.

The Southern Maryland Regional Manager from the Department of Natural Resources has been in regular contact with us regarding this; they are offering minimal support for this operation. Their only concern is that we have adequate manpower on hand to move the animal from the trap to the transport cages.

I will inform you when this operation is concluded.

At this time, I recommend avoiding any media release to reduce the possibility of any local residents attempting to hunt the animal.