Southern Maryland Mourns the Passing of Iossif “Joe” Mario Gressis

September 9, 2021

Southern Maryland has lost one if its most dignified, selfless, gracious and gratuitous persons who ever impacted our community, with the death of Iossif “Joe” Mario Gressis.

Joe has achieved much in life. He was a widely successful restaurant owner. He was a great businessman. He was the best son, brother, husband and father. He was a spectacular neighbor. But most of all Joe was simply a wonderful human being who always put others first.

Always gave back, and always went above and beyond. Our community will miss Joe sponsoring one program or another, which impacted for the good of all. Joe did not seek attention but showed human compassion whenever needed. Joe was the person we all knew would turn out, show up and contribute.

Contribute his love for others and share his successes with and within his community. Nothing meant more to Joe than everyone else. All who needed and those who dealt with life struggles were Joe’s biggest concern. Joe meant hope. Joe meant love. Joe meant someone has been made better because of his actions.

Joe’s love, kindness and energy will be greatly missed, but so too will his beaming, gleaming smile.